Kabira Ishigaki

Uncover the secret to longevity in this marine paradise, where the traditions of Okinawa come to life


Dazzling Emerald Bay

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Located on a UNESCO World Heritage site, our Resort is surrounded by emerald coral-reef seas and pristine beaches

Oceanic adventures


Discover world famous manta diving and windsurfing spots, or take a snorkel to admire the turquoise waters rich marine life

The Okinawa insider​

Local immersion

Immerse in Okinawan culture with guided sanshin, dance or cooking lessons, and delight in authentic gastronomical dishes

Engaging Edutainment

Family fun

Exciting family activities are in store with our Amazing Family! program, educational nature walks, flying trapeze and more

The perfect room for your stay

Accommodations The Okinawa archipelago holds the world record for life expectancy. At its southern tip is the island of Ishigaki, where the 12 three storey buildings of the resort rest between tropical forest and white sands. Featuring square shapes, wooden balconies and sloping tiled roofs, these beautiful spaces reflect the classic local architecture.

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