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Sun or snow, near or far: your holiday, your choice! With a choice of over 69 Club Med resorts, whether in Europe, Asia, Africa, America or the Caribbean, you will be sure to find your dream destination.

The highest and most extensive mountains in Europe, the Alps are, without a doubt, the ideal location for memorable skiing holidays. But not only! Beyond winter sports, the Alps offer a spectacular backdrop for summer activities, Alpine villages with traditional woodworking, cheese-making and strong cultural identity.

Europe is a modern continent with a rich history. Medieval castles are testament to millennia of prosperity interspersed with conflict. Rolling green countryside gives way to dramatic mountain ranges and idyllic beaches, while museums and galleries offer up evidence of Europe’s rich culture and heritage.

Asia has the largest landmass of all the continents. From monsoon soaked India, through the snow-capped Himalayas to the humid jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia, Asia is a region of dramatic landscapes, interspersed with vine covered temples and longstanding traditions.

from 13 481ZAR instead of 15 860ZAR per person*



The Indian Ocean is a vast expanse of water between the continents of Africa and Australasia. The region’s unique geography and highly favourable climate have made it a favourite for many seeking to escape from their everyday lives, amidst natural beauty and sublime relaxation.

from 19 336ZAR instead of 24 171ZAR per person*



For anyone looking for sun, sea, sand and adventure, the Caribbean is a veritable paradise. White sand beaches, warm turquoise waters and a variety of activities for all ages make holidays to the Caribbean postcard perfect.

Stretching from the Caribbean Sea to the Arctic Circle, North America has a dizzying variety of terrains. Central America meanwhile, bears the legacy of once great Mesoamerican civilisations, amongst fertile valleys and a huge variety of plants and animals of all types.

South America has the greatest concentration of rainforest and biodiversity in the world. A largely green continent, today it is subject to a push and pull between the natural world and ancient traditions, and the forces of civilisation and modernity.

Home to ancient ruins, bustling capitals and rolling national parks, Africa offers a unique mix of the traditional and contemporary. With landscapes ranging from arid deserts to fertile jungles, there is something for everyone to explore and ample opportunity to spot spectacular, iconic wildlife.

from 10 013ZAR instead of 11 780ZAR per person*



Visit Indonesia for a balance of cultural delights, sports and wellbeing

Excursions, temple visits and sunbathing: Bali offers you a multitude of exceptional discoveries for the whole family, welcoming you with endless calm and serenity.

Bali: a stunning natural backdrop

During your all-inclusive stay in Bali visit the stunning Lake Bratan, located at an altitude of over 1,200 metres. 2 hours from the Club Med Bali Resort, discover a majestic temple dedicated to the goddess of water that was partially submerged during the crusades. Nearby at the foot of Batukaru volcano, marvel before the Jatiluqih rice terraces and take in the breath-taking panoramic views. Finally, round off your holiday in style with an early-morning climb of Mount Batur and take in the stunning 360 views of the sunrise.

From the mountain peaks to the sandy beaches, discover Bali's very best

Once the volcanic terrain is behind you, discover another side of the island during your all-inclusive stay in Bali. 2 hours from Club Med Bali Resort, get your active side into gear; rafting in the gorges of the River Ayung, or surfing initiations on Seminyak Beach. The beauty of the ocean isn’t just above the surface! Make the most of your stay in Bali by giving diving a go; be awestruck by the wealth of life on the sea floor in Jemeluk Bay and you'll be sure not to miss home.

Beautiful Bali: rich cultures and respectful ceremonies

Escape even further into the culture of Bali during your all-inclusive stay. At Besakih, discover the role of religion in the daily lives of the Balinese people. From the steps of the most important temple in Hindu religion, gaze over the immensity of this religious complex. Ceremonies and offerings are organised daily. In Bali, cuisine is also at the heart of rituals and culture. Before being eaten, rice is offered to the spirits of the house every day. At the Gianyar Traditional Market, try bebek betutu (duck) or ayam betutu (chicken), Balinese specialities that will unveil many local flavours.