The birthplace of civilisation, Africa is a delightful mix of traditional and contemporary. Home to ancient ruins, bustling capitals, and rolling national parks, everyone in the family will delight in this lively, friendly continent. With landscapes ranging from arid deserts to fertile jungles, your Club Med Africa getaway offers ample opportunity to spot spectacular, iconic wildlife in luxury. And don’t worry – your Club Med holiday is all-inclusive, meaning you can simply sit back and bask in the quiet beauty of the African sun.


Snow-capped mountains, a rugged coastline, and the vast expanses of the Sahara all form part of the diverse landscape of Morocco. Sip fragrant mint tea in a riad, lose yourself in the labyrinth of historic medinas and souks, or explore oases and palm groves on the back of a camel. Wherever you go, the locals are sure to receive you like an old friend. Morocco: the gateway to Africa.

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Senegal is a vibrant land of extraordinary natural beauty. Featuring elegant cities, exotic coconut groves, and fine sandy beaches, this cultural hub is an exceptional place for everything from sensational diving to relaxing in the sun. Explore the bustling streets of Dakar, dip into the cool Atlantic, or marvel at the beauty of over a hundred bird species. Senegal: trendy, urban Africa.

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Tunisia is a masterpiece in the art of seamlessly blending ancient and modern: from the ruins of Carthage to the contemporary metropolis of Ottoman Tunis. The addition of the sweeping dunes of the Sahara and the golden beaches along the Mediterranean's sparkling blue waters, make this sun-soaked destination a must-see. Tunisia: a thrilling piece of Africa.

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