What awaits you in Mexico

Beaches with turquoise water and white sand
Enjoy smart restaurants and luxury shops in Ixtapa
Experience the amazing views and pure, white sand of Tulum
Take a bike ride through the jungle and swim in a natural freshwater pool
Great diving and snorkeling spots
Swim with dolphins in beautiful Caribbean waters


Enjoy active, sun-kissed days at Cancún Yucatán, a Club Med resort located on the most beautiful beach in Cancun. Teeming with exotic wildlife, this beautiful, all-inclusive resort is set between turquoise waters and coral reefs – you’ll never be at a loss for a good view. Cancún Yucatán also offers a multitude of sports; flying trapeze, tennis, fitness and much more.

Ixtapa Pacific

With its warm colours and fine sandy beach, Club Med's Ixtapa Pacific Resort is the perfect place for your all-inclusive Mexican holiday. Try some out-of-the-ordinary activities such as the flying trapeze and waterskiing, or simply bask in the wellness and relaxation amenities on offer. You’ll be sure to go home in tip-top form!

Highlights of Mexico

Get ready for sunshine and Aztec mystery as you soak up the rich experiences of Mexico

Dive into the sub-tropics and lap up Mexico's rich culture in our majestic, family-friendly resorts. Our luxury all inclusive holidays in Mexico are completely hassle-free and are perfect for all the family, all year round. From beach holidays in Cancún, to activity holidays in Ixtapa Pacific, our Mexico holiday resorts have it all. Browse our all-inclusive Mexico holidays and get yourself ready for the sunshine!

Relaxation and exploration

Discover the perfect mix of luxury and adventure for all the family, with an all-inclusive holiday to Mexico. Soak up the sun at your resort, step back in time to the magical kingdom of the Aztecs, or jump into a modern, thriving and exciting culture guaranteed to amaze every one of your senses.

Aztec gold

Explore Chichén Itzá, one of the new seven wonders of the world, with amazing history in every stone. Fill your Mexico holiday with mystery and adventure with a visit to La Chole, where ghosts of the past haunt the archaeological ruins, or a tour of the beautiful pastel houses and colonial architecture of Valladolid.

Colour and cuisine

Paint your face like a sugar skull for the Day of the Dead or shop for traditional handcrafted vases, painted plates and embroidered blankets in Patzcuaro. Enjoy hot tamales, chilaquiles and tacos in Mexico City or savour fresh tuna and shrimp in sleepy fishing villages. Or simply revel in the turquoise waters and endless beaches that make family holidays in Mexico simply unforgettable.

Facts about Mexico

  • Time difference: -7 hours
  • Currency: Mexican peso
  • Best time to visit: Dec-April
  • Well known for: Beaches and mountains landscapes
  • Languages: Spanish

Mexico Weather

Monthly weather averages in Mexico

Mexico’s climate varies across the country, from the beautiful arid lowlands of the mainland to the lush tropical beaches on the southern coastlines. Temperatures on the coast are warm all year round, with a sunny dry season from December to May and a stormy wet season from June to November.

The best times to visit Mexico on holiday are April to May and November to December when the weather is dry with temperatures averaging 32ºC.

Discovery and mystery..

.. it’s all included in your stay in Mexico

In a land of mythical golden cities and lost tropical paradises, a stay in Mexico is guaranteed to be an adventure, full of history stretching back thousands of years.

Take on the adventure of a holiday in Mexico

With its Atlantic and Pacific shores boasting over 450 beaches, Mexico is straight out of a postcard. At only 1 hour from your Club Med Cancún resort, on the Caribbean coast, Playa del Carmen is a little corner of paradise with its long, white sandy beaches. Your Mexican holiday continues in Tulum, the only fortified Mayan city built by the sea. To the far south, venture deep into the Mexican jungle to discover Yaxchilan. Only accessible by boat, the journey to this ancient Mayan city on the Guatemalan border will have you feeling like a professional explorer.

Mexico reveals it's wonders to the World

Southern Mexico still has some secrets it has been keeping for thousands of years. 1 hour from Mexico City, discover a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the city of Teotihuacán and the Sun Pyramid which stands at 65m tall. If Mexico harbours over 30 classified sites, Chichén Itzá is undoubtedly the most famous. One of the seven new wonders of the world, the “City of Sorcerers” is the remaining cultural presence of a population who inhabited the city for over 1000 years.

Thrills and adventures are all included..

.. Experience the adventure of a holiday in Mexico

After diving head first into history, all that’s left is to enjoy the calm atmosphere of your all inclusive stay in Mexico. Hit the road and head to the Sistema Dos Ojos and dive into these natural pools of crystal clear water. For those keen on exploring the sea bed, Cozumel Island is a treasure trove of coral reefs and is one of the most stunning scuba diving spots. Just opposite the island, step into the shoes of the world’s leading golfers and hit the Mayakoba Golf course, which is featured in the PGA Tour.

Things to do in Mexico

Family holidays in Mexico

In Mexico, culture spices up your family holiday

Beneath the waves, there’s more than just fish and coral to be admired. Grab your wetsuit and diving kit and discover the very first underwater sculpture museum in the Bay of Cancún. Back on dry land, explore the jungle and make a stop at Uxmal, a Mayan city built in 700 AD. What more do you need for inspiration and a head full of memories?

Cancun underwater museum

20 minutes from your Club Med Cancún resort, the Cancún Underwater Museum invites you to discover 400 statues installed under the waves; an original way to get into diving! Not only exhibiting works of art, this regional institution also provides a way to make visitors aware of the fragility of the coral reef which forms on the statues.

Playa Del Carmen

It’s one of the most popular beaches of the Riviera Maya. On the shores of the Caribbean Ocean, Playa del Carmen is only 1 hour away from your Club Med Cancún resort. This place, full of good vibes and located halfway between Tulum and Cancún, is sure to satisfy all of your needs to get away from it all. In the shade of the coconut palms, bask in the sunshine on this long stretch of fine sand. The more daring amongst you can make the most of a diving excursion to discover the Akumal and Cozumel coral reefs or even have a go at parasailing.

Swim with dolphins in the Caribbean Ocean

After having swam with dolphins in the Caribbean Ocean during your all inclusive stay in Mexico, nothing will ever be the same again. An unforgettable experience alongside these marine mammals gives rise to an emotional moment. The younger ones particularly love sharing a few hugs with these cheeky chaps! On the Isla Mujeres, not far from your Club Med Cancún resort, you can fulfil your childhood dream!

Baby turtles

Watch baby turltes hatch on the beach at sunset and make a memory that will last a lifetime. Learn about our local environment, help us take care of our sea-faring neighbours and see your children's faces light up with joy as they watch our baby turtles scuttle into the sea. Visit between October and May and your family could witness this magical natural wonder at Club Med Ixtapa Pacifica.

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