From the highest Andean peak to the bustling rivers of the Amazon, the richly green continent of South America plays host to the greatest concentration of rainforest and biodiversity in the world. A beautiful mix of natural splendour, ancient traditions, and modern luxury, this dream destination offers variety and fun for the whole family. Plus, as your Club Med South America holiday is all-inclusive, you won’t have to waste a second of precious vacation time. Simply sit back, and get ready for the rainforest adventure of a lifetime!


From the lush rainforests of the Amazon to the tropical beaches of Bahia, Brazil rewards intrepid travellers with the tangy zest of a caipirinha and the elegant ritual of the capoeira. Take on the famous white waters, marvel at the thundering waterfalls, or dance the night away to the vibrant local rhythms. Brazil: Say “Todo bom!” to adventure.

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