A thoroughly modern continent with a rich and varied history, Europe should be visited several times to be fully experienced. From the pastoral bliss of the countryside to the wonder of crumbling medieval castles, this multifaceted destination holds something for everyone. View some of humanity’s most impressive achievements in world-famous galleries and museums, or simply live as the locals do – surrounded by beautiful sights, delicious food, and awe-inspiring culture. With adventures waiting around every corner, it’s good to know that your Club Med Europe getaway is all-inclusive – all you have to worry about is what sight to see next!


When it comes to scenic beauty, the little island of Sicily remains unmatched. With a dazzling array of seas, mountains, and volcanoes; lovers of the outdoors will never be at a loss for adventure and fun. Sicily: the heart of the Mediterranean.

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Stunning scenery and a rich historical legacy are key features of Turkey’s unique cultural melting pot. From the untamed beauty of Cappadocia to the warm sands of the Mediterranean beaches, Turkey offers the perfect mix of east and west. Turkey: a hub of flavour.

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Sparkling seas, crumbling ruins, and an aquamarine sky set the stunning backdrop of Greece, the birthplace of democracy. Explore islands, each with their own distinct culture and landscape, or lounge alongside the elegance of the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Greece: a sun-soaked paradise.

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From siesta to fiesta, Spain is a beautiful land of non-stop fun. A dynamic country of contrasts, everything from the lively energy of Madrid to the peaceful folk life of the Basque Country is sure to entice. Taste exceptional food and wine, marvel at the cathedrals, or flamenco with locals till the sun goes down. Spain: discover a land of passion.

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A country with a seafaring past, Portugal continues the legacy with its sublime coastline, golden sands, and stunning views. Stroll along the cobblestone paths, sample some delicious seafood, or strike up a chat with one of the friendly, laid-back locals. Portugal: an idyllic seaside getaway.

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From the dizzying glamour of the Eiffel Tower to the simple pleasures of the countryside, France is a magnet for lovers of the finer things in life. The cosmopolitan hub of art, fashion, and food is dotted with tranquil villages, pristine beaches, and must-see attractions. France: a lesson in art-de-vivre.

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Mediterranean Cruises

Treat yourself to an all-inclusive cruise in the gorgeous Mediterranean. On board the Club Med 2, the five-masted sailboat, you’ll discover everything you need for a truly exceptional holiday. On board: refined service, a unique atmosphere, and activities for everyone (sport, swimming pool, relaxation, discovery).

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