What awaits you in Turkey

Perfect for family summer holidays and cultural getaways
Enrol the kids in a Flying Trapeze school
Visit the narrow streets and historical ruins of Anatlya
Enjoy the buzzing, friendly atmosphere of a local coffeehouse
Explore the Taurus mountains with a 4x4 Safari adventure
Sail along the turquoise coast in a traditional wooden caïque


Positioned on Turkey's splendid southern coast, Palmiye Club Med is a paradise surrounded by turquoise waves and vast stretches of golden sand. In the middle of a brightly coloured garden, your all-inclusive Turkish holiday offers a multitude of activities for all ages. Whether you're holidaying with friends, family, or a special someone – a good time for all is guaranteed.

Palmiye Hotel

In the south of Turkey lies a haven of peace, tranquillity, and beauty: the Palmiye Hotel. One of Club Med's most beautiful resorts; the ocean, sand, and sky stretch as far as the eye can see. Featuring a Zen pool, luscious vegetation, and unlimited aqua activities, prepare yourself for the all-inclusive holiday of a lifetime.

Bodrum Palmiye

Bodrum Palmiye Club Med enjoys the perfect location: perched atop a serene peninsula, sheltered from wind and fast-flowing currents, where turquoise sea and azure sky meet on the shore of the Aegean Sea. Let go of the world’s worries and enjoy true peace on your all-inclusive Turkish holiday at the blissful Bodrum Palmiye.


Any holiday spent at Kemer Club Med is filled with dazzling blue seas, sun-soaked days and balmy, festive nights. This is the epitome of Club Med's famous party spirit; an adults-only resort designed for fun-loving friends looking for the ultimate party experience. Enjoy the best of Turkey in the fast lane, with an all-inclusive holiday in Kemer.

Turkey Highlights

Sun, sea, sand and lots to do makes Turkey the perfect choice for holidays with the family

Enjoy a luxury all inclusive Europe holiday with no hassle whatsoever when you travel with Club Med. The climate in Turkey holiday destinations can vary hugely depending on where you choose to take your European break. Coastal areas enjoy a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Inland areas tend to experience much more severe weather, with sharply contrasting seasonal temperatures, and especially harsh winters.

The holiday of a lifetime

Enjoy effortless luxury and Mediterranean climates with our all-inclusive holidays to Turkey. Choose from a range of adventures across land and water or find your perfect oasis where everyone can chill out. Unforgettable experiences, vast sea views and beaches that stretch for miles: it’s all yours.

Something for everyone

Our Turkey holidays offer everything. There’s water sports aplenty and a multitude of other activities from tennis to archery. Take a day trip to bustling, history-packed Istanbul and wonder at the vast domes of the Hagia Sophia. Explore the fascinating Beldibi Cave and its prehistoric ruins. Or hop on a cable car to the top of Tahtali mountain and experience the amazing views.

A feast of colours

From the dazzling blue sea to golden beaches and deep tans, family holidays in Turkey are a multicoloured paradise. Walk the bustling streets of Kemer, testing your haggling skills in fascinating shops full of trinkets. Board a ship for an amazing sea adventure to discover the sunken city of Simena. Or ride horses through a countryside abundant with rich aromas and ancient trees.

Facts about Turkey

  • Direct flying time: 4-6 hours
  • Time difference: 2 hours
  • Currency: Turkish Lira
  • Best time to visit: June - September
  • Well known for: Beautiful nature and beaches - historical places
  • Languages: Turkish

Turkey Weather

Monthly weather averages in Turkey

Turkey has an incredibly diverse climate, thanks to its various landscapes and latitudes. The coastal areas our resorts call home, alongside the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, enjoy a warm, dry Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers.

July is both the hottest and the sunniest month with highs of 34°C and 13 hours of sunshine a day, perfect for sun worshippers. The coldest month is January with lows of 6°C, while the wettest is December with an average of 210mm of rain.

Discover Turkey

Where worlds collide, the land of Byzantium and the Ottomans: where East meets West, Turkey offers the wonders of both cultures and scenery

At the crossroads of cultures and eras, experience much more than just an all inclusive holiday in Turkey

Where worlds collide, the land of Byzantium and the Ottomans: where East meets West, Turkey offers the wonders of both cultures and scenery

At the limits of Asia and Europe, natural wonders are waiting for your stay in Turkey

Discover incredible landscapes during your all inclusive stay in Turkey. 3 hours from your Club Med Kemer resort, make a stop at the Pamukkale natural site to admire its mineralised waterfalls which are a glistening, pristine white. The magic continues in Cappadoce, at the Göreme National Park. Amongst the rocks forming chimneys, sculpted by erosion, several cave churches are hidden with incredible rock paintings, providing the perfect example of the beauty of Byzantine art. 30 minutes from the park, the wonders don’t cease as you discover the city of Kaymakli and its tunnels covering several kilometres. This underground city, over eight levels, is one of many troglodyte cities for which the region has become famous.

Turkey, a mosaic of civilisations

Nurtured by Ottoman, Greek and Roman influences, Turkey's culture is just as varied as the landscapes.To brush up on your history, head for Ankara and the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations. Its large collection of artefacts, from the Palaeolithic era to the time of the Ottomans is an incredible archaeological journey.\r\n\r\n
Continue your cultural immersion in the ancient Halicarnassus: just 30 minutes from your Club Med Bodrum Palmiye resort, your stay in Turkey leads you to Bodrum’s Greek amphitheatre, which has been perfectly preserved since the 4th century BC. Just a few metres from the amphitheatre, take a running jump into the medieval period by visiting Bodrum Castle, which was built by the Order of Hospitallers.

A holiday taking on all inclusive pleasures and flavours in Turkey

Just like the culture, the cuisine has soaked up various influences, blending Asian, Oriental and Mediterranean flavours. Heading back from the souvenir stands of the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, try mezze, börek (savoury pastry) and cheeses which are part of the country’s rich culinary culture. Why not take a seat and sip on a Turkish coffee as you admire the Blue Mosque? Discover this model of Ottoman architecture which is the starting point for pilgrims heading to Mecca and delve a little deeper into the secrets at the heart of Turkey. Finally, bring your all inclusive holiday in Turkey to a close with a visit to Hagia Sophia, a basilica symbolising this overlapping of cultures. The first basilica of the Christina era was transformed into a mosque before becoming a museum.

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