Refer friends and family and share the joy

Take part in our Referral Rewards Programme and enjoy a host of advantages.

Recommend your friends and benefit from R4000 (1) Referral Credit towards your next booking and 2500 loyalty points(3). Your recommended friends enjoy R4000 (2) Referral Credit towards their first stay. This offer is valid for all stays and all dates and can be combined with other current offers.

How to refer a friend..

and receive a R4000 voucher

• Log into your Club Med personal account and go to “My referral Rewards” section to send a referral invitation to your friends. Your friends will receive an email with a voucher code to be used for their first stay, on our website, with our contact centre or in agency. Note that you must refer friends who live in the same country as you.

• To get your R4000 referral voucher, your friend must book their first stay. Your R4000 credit will then be available 42 days prior your friends' departure date. You will receive it by email or can find it in your customer account. The referral voucher is valid for all destinations, throughout the year & can be used in conjunction with our current offers*. You can use it online, with our contact centre at 011 020 0921, or through your preferred travel agency.

4000 extra points will also be credited to your Great Members account when your friend gets back from their holiday. The more you refer, the more loyalty points you earn, which helps to increase your Great Member status, unlocking even more exclusive benefits to enjoy on your next holiday!

How to benefit from a referral?

Enjoying your R4000 referral voucher is easy!

Book online, with our contact centre or in our agency using the referral code received via email (thanks to your referrer) and you'll receive R4000 off your first Club Med holiday! Don't forget to use the email address, first name and last name your referrer used to refer you!

Become a Club Med Great Member

4 statuses, benefits throughout the year

We are always happy to welcome you. As a Great Member, your loyalty is dear to us and always rewarded. Every time you disconnect from everyday life and enter the Club Med world, you earn loyalty points.

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Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions of the Club Med Ambassador Programme

*All bookings from you and your friends strictly require a minimum stay of 7 nights to qualify for the Refer a Friend Discounts.
*In order for a client to be regarded as a Sponsor Great Member, you would need to be an existing Club Med Member and must have travelled to any Club Med resort.
*Credit will be available 42 days before your recommended friends departure.

“Sponsor” means any household comprising a maximum two adults (proving a marital or comparable connection) and their respective minor children declaring they live at the same address, one of whom has stayed with Club Med® in the previous 6 years. “Recommended friend” means any household comprising a maximum of two adults (proving a marital or comparable connection) and their respective minor children declaring they live at the same address, and which is a “new customer" for Club Med® (namely without a Club Med® membership number or having a membership number but not having stayed with Club Med® for 6 years).

The “Sponsorship” discount of R4000 off is available 42 days before the departure date of the “Recommended Friend” and can be used up to 12 months after this date. The “Sponsor” will be notified of this via email. Only one sponsorship discount will be usable per household. The R4000 “Recommended Friend” discount can be used by the “Recommended Friend” when making a first booking. If one of the members of the household has already stayed during the previous 6 years, the demand is automatically refused by Club Med ® Identifying themselves as “Recommended Friend”, is automatic consent that name, first name and date of reservation be communicated to the Sponsor.

Discounts are valid on the inclusive VAT amount of a booking made for the purchase of an All-Inclusive package for a minimum stay of 7 days. Booking is only valid in The Travel Agency by Club Med or approved Club Med® agencies, subject to availability and the terms and conditions of sale in the brochures and price booklets in force on the date the package concerned is booked. Discounts can be combined with other Club Med® offers unless stipulated to the contrary in the special conditions of the offer concerned and apart from Last Minute offers and providing total discounts do not exceed 40% of the total price of the package. Discounts cannot be combined between “Sponsor” and “Recommended Friend” - only one “Sponsor” or “Recommended Friend” discount per dossier. Non-retroactive offer, subject to availability.

Club Med® reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time. 4000 points are automatically added to the sponsor’s account when the Recommended Friend returns, for a maximum of 10 “Recommended Friends” per “Sponsor” and per year. The Club Med Ambassador programme sponsorship discounts may only be requested up to 7 days after the confirmation of booking for new members. Club Med reserves the right to refuse application of the programme credit to a member’s profile if not contacted within 7 days of the booking being made to do so.