What awaits you in China

Perfect for adventurous family holidays and cultural getaways
Great for ski or beach holidays with a difference
Visit the Forbidden City, the karsts of Guilin, and the Great Wall
Explore authentic Chinese cuisine and discover new flavours
Practice Chinese arts like calligraphy and Tai Chi
Enjoy a traditional Chinese head, body or foot massage


The brand new Beidahu Resort promises a unique, all-inclusive Chinese skiing holiday in the heart of a picturesque mountain reserve. Brimming with activities and fun for the whole family, this contemporary resort combines tradition with originality in a region famed for its long snow season. Pack your skies, bring the kids, and get ready to relax!


Enjoy an all-inclusive Chinese holiday at the Guilin Club Med Resort in the country's south-western region. Surrounded by mysterious mountains perched above the River Li, the grounds of the Guilin Resort are a fabulous open-air museum of contemporary sculptures. Discover the art of Tai-Chi, try the flying trapeze, or explore the charms of this wonderful Chinese city.


Escape from the scorching summer heat and breathe the fresh mountain air at the brand new Yabuli Club Med Resort. Experience an authentic, all-inclusive holiday in China with a wide range of sports and family activities, including mountain-top yoga, botanical walks and high-altitude picnics. Bring along the whole family for a happy, healthy holiday.


Skiing in China? With Club Med, everything's possible! Your all-inclusive Chinese skiing holiday will take you to Yabuli, a beautiful, fun-filled destination located in the snow-capped province of Heilongjiang. China's top ski resort, Yabuli offers the pleasures of winter sports combined with the chance to explore a totally new and unique culture.

China Highlights

Discover the majesty and splendour of China

Sunshine, slopes, and a wealth of ancient beauty: China is the perfect spot for a family-friendly adventure. Whether it’s a ski holiday in Yabuli, a relaxing beach getaway in Dong’Ao, or a fun-filled outing in Guilin, Club Med’s resorts offer year-round luxury for everyone. Experience the very best of this majestic country hassle-free with our all-inclusive China holidays and experiences.

Take a voyage of discovery

From neon-lit cityscapes to forests wreathed in mists, China is a land of incredible variety. Explore bustling markets and serene mountain vistas. Take to the ski slopes in Heilongjiang or relax on the tropical beaches of Hainan island. Find your adventure of a lifetime with our China all-inclusive holidays.

Historical and natural wonders

Shop for porcelain in Shanghai’s markets or explore the crimson halls of Beijing’s Forbidden City. Visit tiger leaping gorge over the Yangtze river or make a once-in-a-lifetime trip to see the Great Wall. Or simply float along the River Yulong on a bamboo raft and gaze up at Guilin’s majestic karsts - tall emerald hills likened to dragon’s teeth.

Explore the world’s oldest culture

China is home to an abundance of different traditions and very welcoming to little visitors, perfect for adventurous family holidays. While the kids are spoiled, enjoy fresh Chinese cuisine from hot & spicy Sichuan to Cantonese Dim Sum. Discover the birthplace of tea, try your hand at traditional calligraphy or practice Tai Chi on your holiday in China.

Facts about China

  • Direct flying time: 14-16 hours
  • Time difference: +6 hours
  • Currency: Chinese Yuan
  • Best time to visit: Apr-June and Sept-Oct
  • Well known for: Beautiful nature - historical and cultural places
  • Languages: Mandarin

Discover China

Sunshine, slopes, and a wealth of ancient beauty

China proudly bears its imperial past whilst also displaying unbridled modernity. Delve into the mystery of this fascinating country during your all inclusive stay in China.

A stay in China inspired by Chinese legends of dragons and tigers

During your all inclusive stay in China, quench your thirst for adventure by heading out to discover a country of myths and legends. In Guilin, on the banks of the Rivers Li and Xiangsi which encircle your Club Med Guilin resort, admire the “dragon tooth” hills and Dragon's Backbone rice paddies. They’ll take your breath away with their lasting beauty. If you’re feeling active, cross the country, heading for the Myanmar border and trek through Tiger Leaping Gorge, a canyon around the Yangzi River in the Shangri-La region.

Dive into imperial history

Besides the landscape, China is marked by the challenges it has overcome, offering visitors the chance to discover ruins rooted in imagination. And so your holiday in China will lead you to the Great Wall of China, an impeccable show of architecture that melts into the landscape. The only human-made structure to be visible from the moon, the wall stretches from east to west between Shanhaiguan and Jiayuguan. Continue your trip with a “Beijing Getaway” in the Forbidden City which is as stunning as it is mysterious. After having admired the beautifully landscaped gardens, venture inside the walls guarding over 8,700 rooms, in search of artistic and cultural treasures from throughout Chinese history.

Holidays in China..

.. opt for all inclusive by Club Med and take your taste buds on a culinary journey

If there’s any other way to get to know a country, it’s through its gastronomy. Taste dishes bursting with incredible flavours as you discover the various regions of China. Everywhere you stop, you’ll discover new, unforgettable flavours. During your holiday, give in to Cantonese cuisine and its delicate flavours by trying frog soup with roast duck. Simply delicious!

Things to do in China

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