What awaits you in France

Perfect for family summer and winter holidays
Indulge in the many culinary delights
Enjoy golden beaches on the southern coast
Tour a vineyard and enjoy local wines and spirits
Explore the Eiffel tower, the Louvre and Versailles

Opio en Provence

Recharge your batteries at Opio en Provence Club Med, a splendid resort set in the hills near Cannes. Offering everything you’d expect of an all-inclusive holiday, you can participate in a variety of sports and activities, or just relax and enjoy the stunning views. Expect a warm welcome from our exceptional staff!

La Palmyre Atlantique

Whether you're holidaying with friends, family or a partner, La Palmyre Atlantique in France's Charente-Maritime region, is the resort of your dreams. Bungalows blending in beautifully with the natural environment welcome you for an all-inclusive stay, with a host of activities available, including golf, tennis, sailing and mountain biking.

Vittel Golf Ermitage

Set in a historic Art Deco hotel, the elegant Vittel Golf Ermitage resort is the perfect spot for your all-inclusive getaway. Located right at the foot of the 18-hole Mont Saint Jean golf course, you can indulge in the comfort of a holiday filled with golf, countryside bike rides, and total relaxation.

Highlights of France

What France has to offer

Famous for its laid-back cafés, world-class wines, and joie-de-vivre, France is an iconic destination that simply can’t be skipped. Whether you prefer the pastoral charms of the south or the vigour of the big city, this gem of a country will leave you weak at the knees. Save your energy for exploring the village markets – Club Med’s all-inclusive French holiday will take all the hassle out of enjoying your dream vacation.

French excellence in all its glory

From the elegant streets of Paris to the rolling vineyards of Bordeaux to the golden southern coastline, discover the true art of living in France. This rich and beautiful country has something for every traveller, from romantic city breaks and gourmet vineyard tours to ski trips and all-inclusive holidays by the sea.

Rich in culture

A visit to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or Versailles is a must, but venture further afield and you’ll discover a wealth of art, history and adventure perfect for family-friendly holidays and cultural getaways. Explore a real fairy tale castle with the kids at Mont St-Michel, take a fragrant stroll through perfume history at the Fragonard Museum, or get star-struck at Cannes’ La Croisette boulevard.

A culinary delight

Unleash your inner foodie with a gastronomical tour of France’s countless local specialities. Try delicate oysters on Oléron Island or tapenade and anchoïade in Provence. Treat the kids to colourful macarons, sticky eclairs and creamy mille-feuille on your family holiday while the adults enjoy local cognacs, wines and champagne.

Facts of France

Direct Flying Time: 2 hours
Time Difference: 1 hour
Currency: Euros
Best months to visit: May - Sep
Well Known for: Culture heritage, gastronomy and history
Languages: French

France Weather

Monthly weather averages in France & Corsica

France generally enjoys cool winters and mild summers. In the Alsace, you’ll find cold winters and hot summers, while along the Mediterranean coast you can expect glorious summers and even a few palm trees.

The best time to visit France is during July and August, with average highs of 25°C on the mainland and 27°C on the island of Corsica. The sunniest month is July, with 8 hours of sunshine on the mainland and 12 hours on Corsica.

France weather

Corsica Weather

Your holiday in France: enjoy the art of all-inclusive

France is full of surprises and landscapes from the provincial green of Ballons des Vosges, to the beautiful surroundings og Corsica, and the Atlantic shoreline. Over the course of the seasons, you will sense the charm, excellence, and art de vivre of France, letting you escape from your daily life.

Explore France's varied landscapes

Begin your all-inclusive stay in France by experiencing the fresh air of Provence and Côte d’Azur. After arriving at Club Med Opio en Provence resort, enjoy the calm waters of Pampelonne beach and its 4.5 km stretch of sand, only 1 hour and 30 minutes away. Whilst travelling along the French roads, make sure you don't miss the beautiful scenery of the Massif de l'Esterel with blood ochre orcky peaks. From the mountains of the Ballons des Vognes and its Natural Park, admire the outstanding views over the French Riviera. Here, you can relax in the heart of a calm and harmonious massif with high mountain lakes and clear waters. In Corsica, just 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Club Med Sant’Ambroggio resort, you can discover one of best locations that the Isle of Beauty has to offer, the Canyons of the Verghellu, with jumps, toboggans and zip lines that will get your adrenaline pumping. Last but not least, France has plenty of landscapes to offer with over 6,000km of coastline. On the invigorating Atlantic shoreline, you'll be delighted with the wide range of water sports.

French excellence in all its glory

This natural diversity is a wonderful heritage to which several traditional practices are attached. In Charente-Maritime, amongst the grapevines, discover the land of Cognac. At Grasse, 15 minutes from the Club Med Opio en Provence resort, breathe in the fragrances of the Fragonard Museum and take a stroll through the history of perfume. From Grasse, head for Cannes to appreciate the extent of the Croisette boulevard. This taste for luxury finds its purpose at Bordeaux, the land of wine. During your stay in France, be part of the French art de vivre in the City of Wine, at just 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Club Med La Palmyre Atlantique resort.

All-inclusive holidays: let France stir your senses

If wine tempts your taste buds, your all-inclusive stay in France will reveal your inner foodie with countless local specialities. Let your culinary curiosity wander. On Oléron Island, the oysters are simply delicious. In the salt marshes, a pinch of salt from Ré Island compliments fish just as well as it does caramel. In Provence, during your stay at Club Med Opio en Provence resort, your meals exude Mediterranean flavour, from olive oils and tapenade to anchoïade. For a detox take of a gourmet break, head for the Vosges and enjoy the benefits of the Vittel mineral sources, or treat yourself and give in to the temptation of kouglof, a traditional Alsace cake. Your holiday in France will awaken your senses…

Things to do in France

For Families

in pursuit of the charms of France

La Palmyre Atlantique

Satisfy your thirst for discovery and hunger for local delicacies

Your family travels in France promise to be full of fun. A stone’s throw from the Club Med La Palmyre Atlantique Resort, budding explorers come face to face with unique species, including hippopotamuses and 100 other animals at La Palmyre Zoo. For food lovers, at only 30 minutes from Vittel Le Parc and Vittel Golf Ermitage Resorts, you can taste Delisvosges sweets and chocolates along with other Lorraine specialities. If your family prefers to take off at a flying start, pay a visit to the Monaco Top Cars Collection. Just one hour from the Opio en Provence Resort, it will inspire those facinitated by racing drives!

Get your adrenaline pumping

Always seeking for new sensations and thrills? In France, we have a couple of activities that should meet your expectations. In the Vosges, you can enjoy more than 30 attractions at the Fraispertuis-City theme park in a wild western-themed atmosphere. In Charente-Maritime, your little sailors can enjoy an ocean walk up to the Cordouan Lighthouse, only 25 minutes from our La Palmyre Atlantique Resort. Finally, for the lovers of nature, we have a special excursion to the Scandola Nature Reserve.

La Palmyre Zoo

Near Royan and the Gironde Estuary, breach the doors of the La Palmyre zoo, 10 minutes from the Club Med La Palmyre Atlantique resort. Since 1960, this refuge for biodiversity has welcomed all species of animals. Boasting nearly 1160 animals and 115 species, the park spreads out across some 4 hectares and offers strolls amongst Asian elephants, giraffes, cheetahs and meerkats. An excellent family spot, it will astound kids with its two show options with parrots or sea lions.

Monaco Top Cars Collection

Renowned for its famous Formula 1 racing circuit, the city of Monaco also has a place dedicated to vintage cars, 1 hour from the Club Med Opio en Provence resort. A collection of over a hundred vehicles which date back to the 1950s and which will have the whole family dreaming. Prestige meets mechanics in this place where car lovers can admire Type 35 Bugattis as well as Citroën DS3-WRCs.

The Corderie Royale - International Sea Centre

Home to the International Sea Centre, the Corderie Royale will leave little ones and big ones alike in awe, not to mention the marine lovers, just 45 minutes from the Club Med La Palmyre Atlantic Resort. Across an interactive scenography, the museum retraces the 350 years of French marine experience that this location has been honoured with. Wiring and seamanship will no longer be a world of mystery for your kids, who’ll be blown away at the sight of the magnificent frigate, “L’Hermione”, built on-site based on a model in 1779.

Ballon des Vosges Regional Natural Park

2 hours from the Club Med Vittel Le Park and Vittel Golf Ermitage resorts, you’ll spot the pretty round peaks: the famous “Balloons”. The park has everything to satisfy your desire to get away from it all with its wooded massif, high crests, rocky cliffs, lakes... Take the Cheese Route, which links the farmhouse inns of the Munster valley, or consider testing out an original concept with the kids: barefoot trails, for optimal sensations!

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