Discover the climate in Thailand to better prepare your stay according to your desires!

Want to combine culture and relaxation for your next holiday? Between fine sandy beaches, colourful cuisine and fascinating Buddhist temples, Thailand has so much to offer. Succumb to the charms of the land of smiles, and discover its many facets. To choose your travel dates, discover what the climate in Thailand has in store for you.

Different seasons in different regions

Stretching over 1,700 km in length, Thailand can be divided into 5 distinct regions. The climate is different according to the territory in which one is located. The north region of the country has three different seasons: hot, cool, and rainy.

In the centre of Thailand, only 2 seasons influence the weather, one dry and one rainy, just like the south of the country, which has a more equatorial climate and much longer rainfall.

The best period for cultural visits runs from February to December and the ideal occasion to plunge in the heart of the Thai culture is by attending the various offerings and fairgrounds which take place there.

Don't forget to stop at the foot of the 45-metre high statue of the Great Buddha. It offers a magnificent view of the city and Chalong Bay from the platform and take time to discover among others the temple of Wat Chalong, the largest in Phuket.

Thailand, a country marked by it's tropical climate

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand enjoys a humid tropical climate with an average of 29° all year round. There are two main seasons: one dry and the rainy season.

The first extends from November to March, and thus brings mild temperatures, that can turn hot at the end of the season. It is the best period to visit Thailand as the rains are rare and the temperatures are extremely pleasant!

After the month of March, the temperatures can very quickly rise and become difficult to bear, especially for cultural visits.

Did you know?

During the dry season, Thailand offers some of the most beautiful diving spots in Southeast Asia. Visibility during this period is exceptional, especially on the Andaman coast. Other spots such as the Gulf of Thailand allow you to dive all year round, or almost! It is a very popular destination for all lovers of underwater fauna and flora.

Monsoon Season in Thailand

From May to October, it's the rainy season in Thailand which is also called monsoon season. The humidity is relatively high, the atmosphere is moist even if the temperatures are lower than in the dry season. During this period, precipitation is almost daily.

Some islands are sometimes closed as boats stay in port in case of bad weather. **Be prepared if you plan to stay in Thailand during the monsoon season.

Luckily, it never lasts very long, and the sun shines again after each rainfall! You will be able to admire the magnificent landscapes revealed by an atypical light, allowing you to fully enjoy Thailand during this season.

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