Seychelles in November: autumn in the sun

Seychelles in November has many surprises in store for you. The paradisiacal beaches and the variety of activities make this destination a privileged place for your next getaway. Drop your suitcases in the heart of lush nature where the welcome and friendliness of the locals is felt at every corner of the archipelago.

Seychelles and it's tropical climate

The Seychelles reveals a tropical climate with a light rain season from the end of November. The months of October and November correspond to the tourist off-season. Seychelles in November reveals a rather humid atmosphere, but perfectly pleasant temperatures with the average temperature ranging between 24 and 31 degrees. On certain days at the end of the month, the thermometer can even reach 38 degrees. Do not worry if you decide to go to Seychelles in November, the conditions are favourable. Precipitation is gradually decreasing and the only showers that persist appear overnight. November in Seychelles is perfect for swimming and for good reason, as the water temperature is around 28 degrees. It is a privileged period to enjoy the sea since it is calm and the water crystal clear. When the end of the day arrives, you can admire the superb sunsets on the sandy beaches. In addition, most tourists often leave Seychelles at the end of October making November is therefore the perfect month to meet up with friends, family or lovers without too many tourists.

An Archipelago that looks like paradise

Seychelles has many paradisiacal white sand beaches. Even if surfing is not practicable in Seychelles in November, windsurfing is popular, because small gusts blow between the islands. Find all the tranquillity you need while exploring large islands. You will find yourself easily mesmerized with the horizon of beaches worthy of the most beautiful postcards. You can also easily hunt for traditional clothes and handicrafts in small markets. You can also buy freshly caught fish, exotic fruits and local spices. November is also the time to develop your adventurous spirit! The island of Mahé offers a national park which makes it possible to make long hikes through exotic vegetation. On the other hand, November is an ideal month to venture into the tropical forest of Praslin Island National Park. In the shade of the large trees, you will meet an impressive flora listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. As for Curieuse Island, you can discover unusual curiosities. It is a protected national park and in November many species are visible there such as the giant tortoises which come to lay on the beaches. On the plant side, splendid mangroves or even coconut palms dress this majestic island. If you love scuba diving, choose Sainte-Anne National Park. It is a small must-see protected island that offers incredible underwater biodiversity.

Did you know ?

The best way to get around the islands is by bike, but during this period you can easily try the traditional means of transport: the ox cart!

What to do in Seychelles in November?: Heritage and sublime beaches

Victoria is the capital of Seychelles, located on the island of Mahé. It is a museum city from the British colonial era with an exceptional botanical garden sheltering palm trees and other species of orchids unique in the world. You can admire giant turtles and fruit-eating bats. The city also houses the National Museum where you can discover the history of the country. La Digue has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world complete with colonial houses and vanilla plantations. The atmosphere is lively, and reggae music resounds in every corner of the island. This place is unique and transports you out of time. Beau Vallon beach is also a recognized diving spot. Seychelles in November has not finished seducing you. The sun and the temperature of the water make it a perfect destination for a stay in the tropics. Whether you are a fan of diving or hiking, a lover of sweetness or idleness, the Seychelles are waiting for you.

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