Enjoy Seychelles in October

Visiting the Seychelles in October, as well as the rest of the year, means diving into the heart of its diversity, beauty and ability to make you forget time. Come and discover these islands where "holiday" rhymes with sweetness and transparent water. Here's a little taste of our best activity ideas for what to do in Seychelles in October.

Seychelles in October: Nature in all it's splendor

Nature lovers will be delighted when they come to Seychelles in October. It is a month of transition between the two seasons. You will have both a pleasant temperature around 29 ° C and not much rain. The flora is exceptional and superb, wherever you are. On the island of Mahé, among others, you can take fabulous hikes with a thousand colours. The deep green of the plants and the bright spots of exotic flowers blend in the heart of an exotic landscape. And what about the extraordinary panorama perched at an altitude of 900 m at the top of the granite mountain? Wildlife is revealed as never before in this terrestrial paradise. You can observe many multi-coloured fish, sea turtles, rays and even dolphins during your diving or snorkelling sessions. There are many animals to discover including the giant Aldabra tortoise, many amphibians such as the Seychelles frog and hundreds of bird species. If you want to watch birds, the best place to visit is Bird Island, of course, but also Praslin and Mahé. As you walk through Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, it is not uncommon to come across cattle herons on the market. To see the tchitrec, a local bird, you will have to take an excursion to La Digue.

Did you know ?

Coco de Mer is a unique plant species endemic to Praslin Island and Curieuse Island. Among the six endemic plant species of Seychelles, it is the most famous. Its peculiarity is that it has the largest seed from a plant in the world.

Visit Seychelles in October: Dream Beaches

In the Seychelles, October is a pleasant month. The water is around 28 ° C and the sun is still very present. You will be able to enjoy the gentle Creole lifestyle and bask in the sand for hours. From Praslin to Mahé via La Digue, there are plenty of heavenly postcard-like beaches. The most famous and renowned beach in Seychelles is that of Beau Vallon. This superb beach, 30 meters wide and located northwest of Mahé, allows you to practice a wide variety of water sports. The few rocks eroded by the ocean, present here and there, will make wonderful natural deckchairs and are splendid for photos. If you are a follower of hikes and quiet beaches, you will be captivated by Anse Marron. It is the most secluded beach in La Digue. This tiny beach has small natural pools of crystal-clear water and spectacular rock formations. It offers a breath-taking landscape. In the list of dream beaches, there is also the essential Anse Lazio, north of Praslin. It is so incredible that it regularly figures among the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is the perfect combination of sun, white sand and turquoise water. All surrounded by coconut palms and lush, green nature. If you were wondering what to do in Seychelles in October, the answer is simple: whatever you want! The weather is perfect for it. October in Seychelles is the time of year when there is a good balance between the warmth of the water and the temperature of the air. The sun is still very present, and the change of trade wind is favourable for the practice of surfing.

Did you know ?

All visitors to Seychelles begin their journey on the island of Mahé, the largest in the archipelago. It is 8 km wide and 28 km long. It is also home to the smallest capital in the world, Victoria. Its name comes from that of the former French governor Mahé de Labourdonnais. Before that, the island was called “the Isle of Abundance”.

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