Visit Maldives in December

What to do in the Maldives in December?

An archipelago where each island is nothing but white sand surrounded by turquoise water, the Maldives is a true tropical paradise perfect for the end of the year in summer weather. Are you planning to go to the Maldives in December? Discover the unforgettable moments of your stay.

The Maldives in December: a sunny weather in December

The climate of the Maldives is governed by monsoons. The winter monsoon sees the rainfall decrease and the weather becomes sunnier. Whichever atoll you choose, your trip to the Maldives in December will allow you to enjoy an average temperature between 24°C in the morning and 30°C in the afternoon. It is therefore possible that a few showers may darken the weather during your stay in the Maldives in December, but nothing that can prevent you from enjoying it to the fullest. As for the turquoise water that surrounds your island, it will make each of your swims off the atoll a true delight with a temperature of about 28°C.

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North Male Atoll, the cultural centre of the Maldives

A must-see island on Kaafu atoll, North Male is the destination to discover the local culture. On your trip to the Maldives in December, take a day to explore this vibrant island. Begin with a visit to the National Museum, which will reveal the history of the archipelago through collections of its Buddhist and Muslim heritage. Musical instruments, weapons, jewellery and traditional dress will illustrate the mixed culture of North Male and all of the Maldives. Continue this part of your trip to the Maldives in December with a stroll in Sultan's Park, the green setting of North Male Atoll. After a stroll in the shade of its benevolent canopy, treat yourself to a gourmet break in one of the small tea houses found in the streets of North Male. If it's time for a meal, try a "mas huni" or "cutlus", two delicious local specialties made from tuna.

Diving and water activities on each atoll

Going to the Maldives in December will be the opportunity to enjoy perfect conditions for diving and snorkeling. The turquoise water of the archipelago is in fact renowned throughout the world for the diversity of species that populate its seabed and reserve enchanting pictures for the curious. All you have to do is to take a dive from the beach of your atoll with your mask and snorkel to admire the ballet of black-tip sharks, leopard rays, Picasso triggerfish and corals of countless colours. Off the atoll of Kaafu where North Male is located, as well as in the turquoise water of each of the northern islands, your holiday in the Maldives in December will provide you with unforgettable diving experiences, as the turquoise water of the Maldives has become a sanctuary for two giants of the sea: the manta ray and the impressive and harmless whale shark. These two imperial animals can be seen all year round. If diving and snorkeling are not your thing, your trip to the Maldives in December has plenty of other water sports in store for you. When you get tired of the turquoise water that bathes the white sand of your atoll, stand-up paddle, kayaking, water skiing, kitesurfing and even parasailing will punctuate your days between relaxation and thrills. With its summer weather, the Maldives in December is one of the best destinations to forget the first frosts. Find your dream atoll surrounded by turquoise water and fly away for a relaxing holiday between diving sessions, naps in the shade of coconut palms and discovery of North Male.

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