Discover a country of inexhaustible riches for your Christmas holidays!

Heading to Turkey for the end of the year festivities under the sign of travel and discovery. Between its paradisiacal beaches, its welcoming population and its eclectic landscapes, Turkey is the ideal destination to spend Christmas with your family!


Antalya, also called "the Turkish Riviera" is the ideal starting point to visit all of southern Turkey at Christmas. This pleasant seaside resort is home to some cultural treasures not to be missed. Whether you like to laze on the beach, visit monuments or admire the beautiful landscape, you will not be disappointed in Antalya.

Visit the old port of Antalya, then not far away, the 38-metre high fluted minaret, which is the emblem of the city. The Alaaddin Mosque is also worth a visit, offering a panoramic view of the city centre and the sea. Prefer a visit at sunset, the lights are superb!

Not far from the city, immerse yourself in Turkish history by visiting the emblematic archaeological sites such as the Aspendos theatre or the sites of Pergé and Termessos. Superb places that remind us of Turkey's rich history, between ancient cities and Roman remains.

After all these discoveries, it is time to enjoy the family celebrations around the fir tree. Gather for a delicious meal, consisting of traditional festive dishes. Mezzé of all kinds, Turkish menemen made with eggs, peppers and tomatoes, or mantis, small homemade ravioli served with yoghurt and tomato. One thing's for sure, you're going to enjoy Christmas in Turkey!

Did you know?

Mezze are small appetizers to be eaten before dinner. In Turkey, meals with family or friends always start with mezze. There are all kinds of mezze, with raw vegetables, meat, vegetables and even fish or yoghurt. A must in Turkish cuisine!

Celebrate Christmas in Turkey through our resorts!


Pack your bags in Istanbul to celebrate Christmas in Turkey. This city with its many cultural influences is fascinating! It lights up as the holidays approach and plunges you into a magical atmosphere.

Both modern and historical, Istanbul is home to incredible treasures such as the Basilica of Saint Sophia, which has become a museum. Right next to the Basilica, don't miss the Basilica Cistern, also known as the Sunken Palace. The Blue Mosque is the most visited monument in Istanbul, and you'll understand why! It is the most beautiful mosque in the city, its blue tiles and domes are of great beauty. Lively atmosphere guaranteed at the Grand Bazaar! This gigantic market is the largest in the world and covers more than 200,000 m². You will find gifts and souvenirs to bring back from your trip, in the hundreds of shops in the market!

You can finish your shopping at the Istanbul Christmas Market. Local handicrafts, culinary specialities and fairy tales, the different markets are an opportunity to enjoy a delicious moment with your children at Christmas. What if you dared a different Christmas meal? Try the delicious kebab, a typical Turkish dish, or borek, the famous cheese puff pastry. As for sweets, Turkish pastries are very tasty! Baklava or loukoums, enjoy celebrating Christmas in Turkey!


By the Aegean Sea, discover Izmir to celebrate Christmas in Turkey, the country's third largest city. Izmir promises you a total immersion in oriental culture.

Stroll along the largest shopping street in the city and stroll through the local shops. At the end of the street, in Konak Square, admire the clock tower, emblem of Izmir. Standing 25 meters high, the tower is a real landmark. For a cultural break, visit the city's archaeological museum. There you will observe objects found on ancient sites from all over the region, a fascinating journey back in time!

In Izmir, the illuminations and decorations will plunge you and your children into a magical atmosphere. Christmas in Turkey means taking advantage of the mild temperatures to stroll through the streets, taste hot chestnuts, and smell the smell of Mediterranean cuisine. You will also surely have the chance to see Santa Claus strolling through the streets of the city, a magical moment for young and old alike!

Christmas in Turkey means enjoying an exceptional way of life, mild temperatures and sunshine, for an original and cultural end of the year celebration!

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