The best destinations in Africa

Vast continent with so varied landscapes and cultures, Africa reserves you exotic trips. But what is the best destination in Africa to travel through national parks to discover wild animals? Which country to visit to bask on heavenly beaches? Here is everything you need to know to choose the best destination in Africa, the one that will meet all your desires.

Morocco, a must see in North Africa

Wondering what is the best destination in North Africa? It's impossible to say, but Morocco has a lot to offer to win this title! First of all, this destination guarantees a change of scenery for every stay. So awaken all your senses as you explore the medina of Marrakech. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it offers you an enchanting stroll within its glowing red walls where delicious spicy fragrances typical of Morocco float. Further north, the Mediterranean coast will allow you to discover another facet of Morocco. There, Tetouan spreads out its immaculate houses on the sides of a mountain that runs to the heavenly beaches of the Mediterranean. Cabo Negro, Martil and Sidi Abdeslam are just a few of the beaches where you can enjoy the gentle way of life in Morocco. If you had to choose the best destination in North Africa, the Atlantic coast of Morocco would also have many charms to offer. In Agadir, immerse yourself in the Berber culture of Morocco, between excursions to the Souss-Massa Park - one of the most beautiful national parks in Morocco - discovery of the desert in Taroudant and unforgettable sunsets on the paradisiacal beaches of Taghazout.

Did you know?

If you are wondering which country to visit in Africa for a surf-trip, Morocco is the answer. The beaches of the Agadir region are renowned worldwide for offering sublime waves to surfing enthusiasts who come here in summer and winter to experience the thrill of Morocco's heavenly beaches.

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Which country to visit in Africa for a safari?

Are you looking for the best destination in Africa for a safari to discover majestic wildlife? In the south of the continent, many national parks have become true refuges for wild animals. Of course, Kenya inevitably comes to mind when looking for the best safari destination in Africa. Lions, cheetahs, elephants, buffaloes and rhinos: the Big Five will be present in Ambolesi and Tarangire National Parks, but Kenya is not the only place where wildlife is found. South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique can also be described as the best safari destinations in Africa for wildlife safaris. If the Big Five are the Holy Grail for anyone wondering which country to visit in Africa for a safari, giraffes, zebras and hippos are other wild animals to observe in the savannah of the Kruger, Chobe or Limpopo National Parks.

What are the most beautiful sites in Africa?

When looking for the best destination in Africa, it is sometimes wise to consider travelling around the continent on a tour of UNESCO World Heritage sites, encounters with wild animals and heavenly beaches. National parks always provide access to protected fauna and flora and it would be a shame not to enjoy the magnificent landscapes that nature has sculpted over the millennia. For example, Amboseli National Park will reveal a rich variety of wildlife and a breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro. Heading towards the national parks further south, your road will cross the Victoria Falls. The water of the Victoria Falls invites more to contemplation than to bathing, which country to visit in Africa for a stay giving pride of place to sea bathing off paradisiacal beaches? Mozambique, a rather confidential seaside destination, will surprise you with the beauty of its beaches bathed in turquoise water like in the Machangulo peninsula. Another possibility is South Africa where, from Cape Town to Durban, the coastline is dotted with heavenly beaches, sometimes resembling small creeks populated by penguins, sometimes endless stretches of fine sand. A continent with a thousand faces, Africa is a permanent surprise where grandiose sites such as the Victoria Falls, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, are nestled. So, what is the best destination in Africa for an unforgettable holiday? You will have understood it, the answers are multiple! One thing is certain: whether you prefer tanning sessions on heavenly beaches or tours through national parks to discover wild animals, Africa is bound to be a destination that will satisfy all your desires!

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