Discover the most beautiful golf courses in Japan!

Those who love a good round of golf will always find a place to indulge in a round of golf in Japan. Whether looking to practice, or just wanting to keep your game going during your stay, you will find the perfect course in Japan.


Did you know that currently there are approximately 2,500 courses and 35,000 driving ranges in Japan, compared to only 23 in 1942? From the north to the south of Japan, there is no shortage of golf courses, because the Japanese love this sport which is the lighthouse activity of the country.
In the north, on Hokkaido island, you will find no less than 150 golf courses, with the most popular being the Otaru one. It has 18 holes and has already hosted the Japanese PGA Championship. Not far from there, in Wattsu, is the Sapporo Golf Club, which hosts the professional competition of the ANA Open Japan Golf Tour. Both courses are aimed at the experienced golfers, as they offer a level of play worthy of a championship.

In the south, especially in the Okinawa region, you can find golf clubs for all levels, some of which are even accessible to families. The Maesato Golf Course, for example, is located in Ishigakijima. It has 16 holes and is designed for beginners. To add to its charm is a mini-golf beach to entertain the children while the adults get equipped. The most spectacular course is undoubtedly the Southern Links. Located near the southern tip of the island, it is directly adjacent to a 50-metre seaside precipice, offering a breath-taking view of the Pacific Ocean. There are two special holes where players must hit the ball over the precipice in order to qualify for par.

Note that in the beautiful park of the Peace Memorial, just west of the golf course, is the Peace Cornerstone monument. Another 18-hole golf course, though more exclusive, is Kanucha, near Nago City. It offers approximately 4.5 hours of play and is considered challenging enough to host championship level tournaments. Continuing even further south on Kohama Island, is another golf course with breath-taking panoramas.

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When you drive along the country's highways, whether in Tokyo or elsewhere, you can see gigantic green nets, these are golf drive-ins. Having little space, the Japanese took advantage of these vacant lots along the highways to build their golf courses. In the suburbs, you have 18 holes of world-class golf. In Okinawa, there are 27 golf courses, each one more beautiful than the other, offering sublime landscapes and sea views. Golf is a sport that is very much appreciated by the Japanese.

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There are many golf courses in Japan, for example, you will find no less than 37 in Osaka, including the Hoshida Golf Center which has 250 mats* spread over 3 floors, allowing you to hit up to 350 meters.

At Hokkaido, the driving ranges are more modest in size, ranging from the Nakagawa Golf Range to the Wide Golf Center, which allows you to hit up to 245 meters. Nevertheless, you won't be able to go to Japan without visiting its capital. Tokyo has some magnificent golf courses, but also some absolutely incredible driving ranges. At the beginning of your visit, you have the Lotte Kasai Golf. With its 300 shooting slots, the building is impressive in size. The practice range of the Yodobashi Akiba electronics store is located on the roof of the building. Because the Japanese are technology enthusiasts, you will be filmed during your practise and with the help of a screen you can correct your posture. To finish, do not hesitate to hit some balls at the driving range located on the top floor of the Yodobashi of Akihabara.

No matter which province you choose to visit during your trip to Japan, you will always find a driving range or a course adapted to your level to hit a few balls

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During your stay, you will even be able to leave with equipment made in Japan since the country has several golf club manufacturers, including the Japanese master Katsuhiro Miura who has been based in Himeji city since 1957. Do you want to treat yourself to a typical souvenir? Opt for a tee plus ball box with Japanese manga characters.

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