Diving in Japan: the must-see spots

Did you know that the Empire of the Rising Sun is made up of 6,852 islands? Scuba diving in Japan has everything to do with adventure. This part of the Pacific Ocean offers a huge playground, where you can discover hammerhead sharks, manta rays, but also many wrecks dating from the Second World War.


With a mild and pleasant climate all year round, Okinawa has established itself as one of the most beautiful and popular diving sites in Japan. Its myriad of multicoloured fish, combined with the colourful coral reefs, make it a very popular place. Whilst diving there you will come across sea turtles, humpback whales and the now famous clown fish.

The island is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the world and the warm currents contribute to the conservation of the coral, of which there are more than 200 species. Among the places to put on your list, is the island of Kume. This site is fortunate enough to have a multitude of species: hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and even dogtooth tuna.

Miyako is a spot reserved for experienced divers, mainly composed of vaults and caves. Armed with your flashlight, explore these priceless sea beds.

Another diving spot to know: Yaeyama. On its own, it gives a glimpse of the diversity of Okinawa's waters. There you will find the treasure of the place, the manta ray, in the middle of incredible coral reefs.

Did you know ?

Although it is often a defensive sport, karate is much more than that. It is above all a martial art that has its origins in Okinawa. Beyond defense in itself, this discipline tends to seek a unity of body and mind. This art of combat requires the development of great mental resources: concentration, willpower, serenity, decision...

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Yonaguni Island is famous for its underwater remains, it conceals a mysterious pyramid, the origin of which researchers continue to debate.

A short distance from the coast, you will discover the unusual and fascinating underwater landscape, that came about due to the activity of tectonic plates.

The Kerama archipelago is composed of 20 islands of various sizes, it alone has more than 50 diving sites, with alternating reliefs, drop offs and canyons. Its particularity: its exceptional crystalline waters: from the surface of the water, you can see the bottom, a great opportunity to make unforgettable underwater photo reports.

More than 1,600 invertebrates are recorded in this area. Don't hesitate to make a detour to Zamami Island, where you will come across some sea turtles that have come to lay eggs. The ideal place to take lessons and learn to dive.

Snorkeling, a must-try water sport

Palm trekking is a simple and fun activity for the whole family. This hobby requires little equipment: mask, snorkel and flippers are enough. Perfect to live a unique experience in the heart of a fascinating marine universe.


In Hokkaido, diving takes place mainly in the Shiretoko Peninsula, when the ice begins to melt. Ice diving, which is reserved for experienced and adventurous divers is done in relatively short sessions due to the water temperature. The scenery which surrounds you as you dive seems unreal and dreamlike, especially thanks to the play of light when the sun penetrates the ice and the sea angels and small glittering molluscs that surrounds you.

The most beautiful spot in the region is undoubtedly the one on Lake Shikotsu, which was formed from collapses in the earth after volcanic activity. It has the reputation of having the clearest water in the country – making it ideal for snorkelling all year round.

The best kept secret of Japan's divers is undoubtedly the richness of its seabed. A diving trip to Japan is an opportunity to discover one of the largest coral reefs in the world. Don't wait any longer to visit the Land of the Rising Sun to explore its unsuspected pelagic richness.

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