Discover the climate in Japan to better prepare your stay according to your desires!

Adventurers, sportsmen, city dwellers, nature lovers... Japan is a destination for all types of travellers. Is there an ideal season to go to Japan? What do you need to know about the climate in Japan and its different seasons before booking your trip?


While the climate in Japan is temperate, there is great diversity from one region to another and the seasons are very distinct. From north to south, Japan stretches more than 3,000 km, which explains the different climates.

Winters in northern Japan are harsh and temperatures can drop to very low temperatures, especially on the Hokkaido Island, which is often hit by heavy snow. Some of the best ski resorts are found in this region of Japan.

At the same time, the Pacific coast enjoys a much milder and sunnier winter. In central Japan, the climate is also milder, with winters mild and warm.

summers (temperatures can range from 25 °C to 30 °C)

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In Asia, many countries live to the rhythm of the monsoons. In Japan the rainy season called "Tsuyu", starts in June and ends in July. This rainy season is punctuated by short and intense showers and the reappearance of the sun. If you are traveling in the centre of the country, it's best to bring an umbrella to cope with the vagaries of the weather in Japan.

Did you know ?

The Japanese are used to rainy season showers. From the first drops, the Konbini (small mini-markets open 24/7) start selling umbrellas. The Japanese also have a little ritual to attract good weather - they hang a rag doll on the windows to make the sun come back.

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In Japan, every season offers a new side of the country, so it is difficult to say that there is a perfect period to plan your holidays. The ideal time to go to Japan depends on what you want to do, discover, live...

If you plan to go to Japan in spring, you will have the pleasure of discovering the famous cherry trees in bloom, a magnificent emblematic show of the country. The weather is particularly pleasant at this time of the year.

In summer, you will have the chance to enjoy numerous festivals. Japan is particularly lively during this season.

Autumn is one of the best times to enjoy the Japanese landscape. The different hues of orange, red and yellow are a sight to behold and the temperatures are perfect.

If your stay is in winter, why not indulge in the pleasures of onsen, which are natural hot springs perfect for relaxation.

What are the big events?

In Japan, the year is punctuated by many religious festivals. These festivities are incredible opportunities to immerse oneself in the heart of the country's traditions and customs. For example, enjoy the great New Year's Day parades on January 6, the Lantern Festival in February, or the many festivals held throughout the summer.

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