Did you know that in the Land of the Rising Sun, the child is king?

Japan is a destination that will thrill both parents and children, and not just because of its many leisure parks. For adults, simplicity and comfort are a major drawcard. For the younger ones, the fascination of living in an almost imaginary world, between manga, geishas, and samurai, will make their holiday unforgettable. Ready for a Japanese adventure?


On your day trip to Tokyo, make time to visit the fantastic world of the Ghibli Museum, Japan's largest animation studio, which is a must for children!

It is here that some very popular animated films were made, such as: My Neighbor Totoro and The Journey of Chihiro. The star director of these productions is the undisputed master: Hayao Miyazaki.

For a truer-than-life experience, take the little ones on board the cat bus, which was used in the cartoon film My Neighbour Totoro!

Older children will be interested in Miyazaki's many sketches, illustrations, notes and cartoon-making techniques. They will be amazed by all the secrets and methods involved in film animation. Travelling with the family in Japan is an enchanting experience!


Did you know?

The art of paper folding is called Origami. It is the land of the rising sun that contributed to the development of this discipline, which is taught to all primary school pupils. Would you like to try this art as a family? Join a workshop. With the help of a simple sheet of paper, you will be able to create different shapes, and choose the theme of your class according to your interests: birds, flowers, geometric patterns. Your children will savour the joys of artistic creation.

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Feel like going to meet the famous red knotted cat and his sidekicks? Escape for a day at Sanrio Puroland Recreation Park.

As soon as you arrive, young and old alike will be captivated by this dreamlike, candy-pink world. There are many things to see and do: shows, boat rides, rail rides, Hello Kitty's house. Without forgetting new encounters with your favourite characters, the opportunity to have a little cuddle and a souvenir photo session! All the stuff that dreams are made off.

During your family trip to Japan, discover the experience that is all the rage among young Japanese: Purikura. What is it all about? It's a magic photo booth, which you can enter together.

What's special about it? It has an animated background in which you can insert different types of decorations on your photos. You can have fun customizing your shots by integrating smileys or adding text, for a totally kawaii result, which means cute in Japanese.


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On a family trip to Japan, it's unthinkable not to make a stop at the International Manga Museum in the city of Kyoto! As you're probably aware, manga is an integral part of Japanese pop culture.

The museum houses several floors adorned with the art and history of Manga, including its evolution of style. Avid fans and novices alike will take great pleasure in admiring the collections.

The tour is very well thought-out and illustrated and alternates between numerous books and didactic panels. Did you know that manga is for everyone? The shojo for young girls, the shonen for boys and the seinen for adults.

A family trip to Japan gives way to an eclectic universe, a country where modernity and serenity, restlessness and great discipline of life are all mixed together. A destination that meets all expectations. You will return from this journey amazed and enriched by the contact of a population where the art of living and the rules of politeness are intertwined.

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