Say hello to our new friendlier, cooler and more elevated Brand Identity! 

Club Med unveils a modernized brand identity designed by Bleu Paris studio — the first rebranding since 2014. Club Med’s updated creative branding signals an exciting evolution of our brand territory. This makeover is part of a bid to re-energise the brand, revive our personality and make it the most desirable lifestyle holiday brand on the market. It's returning back to the brand's essentials: simplicity, epicureanism, nature, luxury and freedom.

3 main creative approaches to drive this new brand identity


A "less is more" transverse approach 

Our updated Logos fit the brand’s core essence of simplicity and authenticity.


A strong and unique style, with our signature “pas de côté”

Our new Art Direction to storytell and showcase the Club Med’s singularity and our Resort icons form a playful, hand-drawn and premium collection of emblems.


Premiumness to increase both brand and product desirability

Our new Color Palette of earthy colors conveys a desire to harmonize with nature. Our Exclusive Collection range has also been refreshed with new visual codes to showcase our luxury experience.

A more assertive, playful and bolder Trident, our emblematic brand’ signature

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