Mini Club Med + this summer

Be happy, bond, grow with confidence

Since 1967, our Mini Club Med have been delighting children in Resorts around the world.

From July 2022, Mini Club Med is enriched and becomes Mini Club Med +.

On the program:
§ a new pedagogical approach inspired by Positive Education,
§ new activities always more fun,
§ develop 6 strengths to grow with confidence: creativity, courage heart, cooperation, celebration, self-confidence
§ and the best of the original Mini Club Med of course!

Included in your package for children from 4 to 10 years old.

Top 3 Resorts to discover Mini Club Med +

Pleasure, sharing and Positive Education !

To discover yourself differently

More than ever, parents want their children to be happy.
Positive Education focuses on their development and well-being through the construction of so-called transversal skills (or soft skills) such as the *adaptability * or emotional intelligence. Strengths that will serve them to flourish and grow with confidence.

This is why all the activities offered within the Mini Club Med + have been redesigned around the principles of Positive Education with the help of experts in this subject.

And what better time than the holidays to awaken and cultivate the forces of creativity, courage heart, cooperation, celebration, self-confidence?

New fun and constructive activities

To play and make memories together

These new activities, led by our GO teams trained in this pedagogy, punctuate the Mini Club Med + program throughout the day.
What does it look like?

Discover for example It's rolling! a game where cooperation is a must. Using tubes, children must roll marbles from the starting line to the finish. From team spirit to adaptation, they discover all the skills to succeed in moving with others towards a common goal.

Revisited Mini Club Med classics

To keep only the best

Tennis, flying trapeze or even the children's show, these activities have always been the pride of Club Med.

We have revisited them, taking a fresh look in order to better reveal the strengths of each child and federate energies.

Make way for courage, encouragement and pride in performing together!

Kids & Families at Club Med...