Let us guide you to the ancestral lands of Africa!

Promise of sunshine and a change of scenery at every moment, Africa is a destination whose evocation invites you to dream. But where to go in Africa to discover this continent with centuries-old traditions and fairy-tale landscapes?


Impossible not to mention Morocco when talking about destinations to go to in Africa. Marrakech is obviously the city that cannot be ignored for a stay in the heart of an Africa that offers sublime panoramas. The red city will welcome you in a bubbling medina where the scents of spices from the souk stalls mix with the gourmet scents that escape from the restaurants.

After soaking up the atmosphere of Marrakech on the Jemaa El Fna square, take the direction of the House of Photography. You will discover sublime pictures illustrating the Berber heritage of the imperial city. Take the opportunity to have lunch on the terrace of this riad which will offer you an unobstructed view of the Atlas Mountains which watches over Marrakech in the distance.

It would be a shame to limit Morocco to Marrakech. Agadir is also one of the destinations where to go to Africa to enjoy a stay in the heart of sublime landscapes. Strolls on the long beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, visits to small fishing villages and the splendours of the desert will be some of the activities to do in Agadir that will unveil the splendours of Morocco to you.

The Mediterranean way of life will also be one of the discoveries to be made in Morocco. The north coast of the country is indeed bordered by the Belle Bleue. From the clusters of houses with the immaculate walls of Tetouan to the golden sand of Cabo Negro beach and the cliffs of Azla beach: Morocco's heritage will never cease to amaze you.

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Authentic and welcoming, Casamance is a treasure to be considered when looking for a place to go in Africa. This river gave its name to one of the most beautiful regions of Senegal.

To relax, settle down on the sandy beaches of Cap Skirring. Sheltered by a coconut tree, you will have all the leisure to contemplate the undulations of the Atlantic Ocean. When you feel like leaving your cocoon, head for the hinterland for a dive into the heart of Senegal's traditions and grandiose panoramas.

Mangroves and bolongs, the salt water canals found near Senegal's estuaries, will offer you some authentic cruises aboard a dugout canoe.

Then head towards Oussouye, a small town where you can discover the Diolas traditions. Stroll on a colourful market, discover the local handicraft or visit a cashew tree plantation, the trees that give cashew nuts, will offer you unforgettable encounters.

Many souvenirs to take away

Casamance is a region where craftsmanship still holds an important place. So do not hesitate to visit the basketry, pottery and weaving workshops that you will find during your excursions in the villages of Senegal. You will discover all the details of these traditions and can also offer you some pieces that will forever remind you of your stay in Senegal.


Off the southern coast of Tunisia, Djerba is one of the destinations to go to in Africa to enjoy holidays that are all about discovery and relaxation. From the month of May, summer temperatures reign on the most famous of Tunisia's islands. It is time for walks on the beach, swimming and discovering the hidden splendours of this small paradise bathed by the Mediterranean Sea.

The houses with white walls and blue shutters of Houmt Souk will offer a picturesque setting for your walks in the main city of Djerba. Make a detour to the marina to immortalize the small boats typical of the local fishermen. Don't be surprised to also see imposing galleons. These boats offer the crossing from Djerba to the Pink Flamingo Island, an adventure not to be missed for a day away from everything on long deserted beaches.

From the Mediterranean coast to the North, to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Agadir, passing by the unavoidable Marrakech at the gates of the desert, Morocco comes instantly to mind when you want to know where to go in Africa. But it would be a shame not to consider the exotic delights of Senegal and Casamance which will offer your stay a heavenly setting. Unless you prefer Tunisia and the sublime island of Djerba where you can enjoy the sweetness of the Mediterranean? Whatever your choice, these many inspirations are the promise of a change of scenery and unforgettable holidays.

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