What to see in Africa?

Promise of a stay that will transport you far from your habits, Africa is a continent where grandiose nature, sumptuous animals and exotic cultures rub shoulders. You only know what to see in Africa to grasp the splendour and vastness of this territory? Follow us for a trip to discover the must-see activities in Africa.

What to see in Africa? Breathtaking nature!

From the coast to the heart of the land, Africa will reveal a breathtaking nature. In Morocco, head to the Toubkal National Park south of Marrakech for an excursion to the heart of magnificent gorges where crystal-clear waters meander. Raise your eyes to the sky and take the time to contemplate the summits of the High Atlas whose dark rocks and eternal snows offer magnificent panoramas. You wonder what to see in Africa afterwards to prolong the magic of this parenthesis in the heart of a marvellous nature? In Morocco as in Tunisia, enjoy an excursion in the desert, one of the activities in Africa that will prove unforgettable. At the opposite extreme, Table Mountain will be one of the other sites to add to your list when you wonder what to see in Africa. Before reaching the heights of Cape Town, admire this massif of more than 1,000 metres that stretches in a perfect horizontal line. Then take the cable car to Table Mountain National Park, which offers breathtaking views of Cape Town and the ocean. Continue your walk to discover the nature of this part of Africa by travelling along the Cape of Good Hope Peninsula, one of the nature reserves offering the best insight into South Africa's rich flora and fauna.

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Encountering majestic animals

Desert, equatorial forest, savannah: the different ecosystems of nature in Africa will be the occasion for many encounters, including the famous Big Five. True stars of the safaris, the Big Five are admired and humbled and are among the must-sees when one wonders what to see in Africa. Imagine yourself in the Kruger National Park or in one of the natural reserves of Mozambique or Kenya, distinguishing in the heart of nature with golden reflections, the mane of a lion peacefully asleep! Rhino, buffalo, elephant and leopard are the other mammals of great weight that make up the Big Five list and will enchant your stay in Africa.The Big Five will not be the only magnificent animals that your trip to the African wilderness will allow you to meet. From June to November, Southern Right Whale watching is one of the highlights of Cape Town and Table Mountain. The coastlines of the Cape of Good Hope and Kogelberg Nature Reserves offer many sites to see this "Big Five" of the oceans.

Activities to discover Africa

If the safari is one of the must-do activities to do in Africa to have a chance to meet the Big Five, many other possibilities are available to you in the natural reserves and sumptuous landscapes of this continent. Wondering what to see in South Africa to complete your stay? Hiking will be one of the most accessible activities to explore nature. Take to the slopes of Table Mountain, hike the dizzying cliffs of the Cape of Good Hope or wander through the vineyards dotted along the flanks of the Table Mountain range. Continue your activities in the wilderness as you head back to the African coast, wondering what to see in Africa beyond the ocean that stretches as far as the eye can see? Dive into the underwater treasures of Africa's nature for colourful diving and snorkeling sessions in South Africa or Mozambique. In Morocco, surfing will be one of the essential water activities of the coast from the Souss Massa National Park to the beaches of Tangier.Terre to the grandiose nature, Africa reserves you many activities in the heart of its magnificent landscapes. The answers to the question "What to see in Africa? There are many answers to the question "What to see in Africa". From the Cape of Good Hope and the Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, to nature reserves such as the Kruger National Park, home to the noble Big Five in Mozambique or Kenya, to the splendours of Morocco: your trip to Africa is bound to be a memorable one.

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