Our tips for visiting Japan, from its sanctuaries to incredible landscapes!


With a rich culture that radiates, the Land of the Rising Sun is a fascinating destination. Would you like to immerse yourself in its heritage during a trip to the end of the world?

What is often most striking when you decide to visit Japan is the way in which secular tradition and contemporary society coexist. A stroll through the streets of Sapporo, on the island of Hokkaido, allows you to fully explore the fascinating contrast created by these two faces of the land of the Rising Sun, where glass buildings stand next to shrine temples.

You will pass in an instant from the shady paths of Maruyama Park, home to one of the country's most important shrine temples, Hakkaido-Jingû, to the bustling Susukino district where, in the evening, the streets are lit up with multicoloured neon lights.

Visiting Japan during the cherry blossom will allow you to participate in one of the most beautiful traditions of the country, that of the hanami. To celebrate the return of spring, the Japanese admire the cherry trees (sakura) in blossom and take advantage of the occasion to share family picnics in the shade of the trees, which are then covered in a coat of petals oscillating between white and pink.

From the end of January on Ishigaki-Jima Island to the beginning of May on Hokkaido Island, the dates of flowering vary according to the location of the archipelago. In a park, in the middle of nature or near the sanctuary temples, the cherry trees and their blossoming will offer you sublime panoramas.

The onsen, a relaxing tradition

Take the time to venture to Jozankei, a spa village in the heart of the mountains not far from Sapporo that has become a true temple of well-being. Since the end of the 19th century, the Japanese have enjoyed bathing in the hot springs (onsen) whose water is one of the most popular in Japan. It is said to have invigorating and beneficial virtues for the skin.

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If you want to visit Japan in summer, head for Ishigaki-Jima. Kabira Bay will be the ideal place to relax on a pristine white beach with turquoise and emerald waters. It’s the perfect spot in Japan for diving lovers who will be able to discover the seabed that surrounds the island.

The highlight of the diving excursions will be a visit to the Manta Scramble site, which, in summer, becomes a real sanctuary for the manta rays that make their home in these warm waters and offer the curious a majestic dance. On land, during your visit to Japan, discover one of the island's sanctuary temples, Tôrin-ji, and take time to walk along the green slopes of Mount Omoto.

If you are wondering what to do in Japan in winter, fly to Hokkaido where you can enjoy picturesque snow laden mountain resorts. East of Hokkaido, the slopes of Mount Tomamu or Mount Sahoro have become the top spots for skiing. Enjoy adrenaline filled skiing or snowboarding sessions in the heart of Hokkaido which has slopes for all levels. Dogsled rides, snowshoe trekking or trekking at altitude: all mountain activities will be available with, as a bonus, a culture and a setting that will take your breath away and take you away from the ordinary.

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Visit Japan and venture into a volcanic land with sumptuous landscapes. The Japanese are particularly proud of the grand panoramas offered by their volcanic mountains, their fertile countryside and their tropical beaches.

In Hokkaido, the Daisetsuzan National Park, thanks to the beauty of its many peaks, has been nicknamed the "Garden of the Gods". In winter, only the fumaroles of Mount Asahidake disturb this pristine white natural sanctuary that stretches as far as the eye can see. Visiting Japan in spring and summer will be an opportunity to explore lush vegetation in the mountain pastures and forests - a bright green punctuated by touches of multi-colored flowers. In autumn, the panoramas oscillate between ochre, red and yellow, offering a flamboyant landscape.

You will find many reasons to visit Japan Summer and winter. Between modernity and tradition, amazing nature and cosmopolitan cities, the Land of the Rising Sun offers you a change of scenery where you can combine a visit to a temple with a stroll in the countryside, in the mountains or relaxing on a beach in the same day.

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