An overview of the best scuba diving spots in Thailand!

Would you like to live a unique experience by swimming among the fish in the waters of the Indian Ocean? Thailand is full of diving spots to explore the seabed. Here is our selection of sites that will make your aquatic visits exceptional moments.

Diving Off The Coast Of Phuket, For Sublime Corals And Landscapes

Phuket, the country's top tourist destination has several famous scuba diving spots.

The island is the ideal starting point to explore the Andaman Sea bottom and the south of Thailand. You can also opt for a diving cruise, which allows you to discover several destinations by stopping at each remarkable spot. By taking a boat from Phuket, you can visit the islands of Koh Lanta or Koh Phi Phi, with their magnificent landscapes.

Off the coast of Phuket, explore the reefs of Hin Muang and Hin Daeng (the former is famous for its purple corals). Both reefs are home to a wide variety of fish species and a rich underwater life. Many divers are seduced by these famous destinations and their marine life.

Finally, the Similan Islands, a little further from the coast, have some of the best diving spots in the country.

Did you know?

In Thailand, the water is warm all year round at around 30°C, whatever the season and you will be able to dive without a full wetsuit. However, it is recommended to avoid the monsoon period, which extends from June to October for diving, as underwater visibility is reduced.

Meeting Whale Sharks Off The Surin Islands

One of the species you can easily come across on a Thai diving trip is the whale shark.

They are particularly numerous off the Ko Surin National Park, formed by several small islands not far from Phuket. The spot Richelieu Rock, in the Surin archipelago, is also described as the whale shark magnet and there you will also come across ghost pipefish, sea turtles and seahorses.

Another specific fish of the Thai waters which is likely to cross your road: the manta ray! Also called sea devil, this big fish can measure up to 7 meters wide and has impressive fins. This species, which is relatively well accustomed to the presence of divers, offers the possibility to get close to enough to observe it in detail. When diving you can then see the rays feeding or cleaning themselves from parasites, in groups near the corals.

Unknown Diving Spots In The Gulf Of Thailand

Less frequented, the scuba diving destinations in the Gulf of Thailand, closer to land and Bangkok, also contain secrets and breath-taking reefs.

Koh Tao Island boasts the famous Chumphon Pinnacle and Sail Rock sites. The coral is brightly coloured, which makes it an ideal spot for diving enthusiasts in search of exceptional sites.

Koh Tao is a perfect place for beginners, or those who would like to pass their first level of diving or certification.

Indeed, the waters are very clear and shallow, which facilitates the initiation to this unique sport and makes discovering the beauty of the reefs an unforgettable experience**!

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