The best activities to do during your honeymoon in Thailand!

Many newlyweds are eager to make their honeymoon trip to Thailand. For good reason, the country conceals paradisiacal corners to be visited during their honeymoon: dream beaches where white sand and turquoise water skillfully combine with coconut palms, deserted islands, hikes in the jungle...

Dream Settings On Koh Kut Beach And Sunrise Beach In Koh Lipe

Sunrise Beach, Thailand, has all the makings of a little paradise on earth. A white sandy beach, throwing itself into a turquoise sea, surrounded by lush nature, the scenery is set!

This heavenly place and one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand is ideal to relax on, or to enjoy the beauty of the place for a little snorkelling. You will swim in the middle of a multitude of colourful fish, a feast for the eyes!

For a romantic moment on the beach in Thailand, wait until sunset and watch the last light of day in a simply heavenly setting. Sunrise Beach is not to be missed during your stay in Thailand, you will be seduced by the beauty of one of the most beautiful beaches in the country!

To all lovers of nature and authenticity, you will be seduced by the sublime beaches of the island of Koh Kut. This island has everything of a small paradise: white and fine sand beaches, turquoise and crystalline water, a dense and wild flora.

The little extra? The island does not get as many tourists despite the beauty of the place, which makes it a place still preserved and wild in Thailand! Ideal to relax under the sun of Thailand, the beaches of Koh Kut are among the most beautiful of the country!

Did you know?

If you like to party, head to Ko Pha Ngan Island for the famous Full Moon Party which takes place every month on full moon nights.

Unforgettable Snorkelling On The Beaches Of The Similan And Rai Leh Islands

Come and lose yourself on the beautiful beaches of the Similan Islands and enjoy a timeless moment in Thailand. If you pass by the Similan Islands during your stay in Thailand, you will fall under the spell of their wild and authentic nature. Discover small paradisiacal islands lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean and relax on the immaculate white sand.

Up for some activities? Grab your mask and snorkel and go in search of the parrot fish! The archipelago is renowned worldwide and is ranked among the 10 most beautiful dive sites in the world! White sand, crystalline water, exceptional visibility and lush flora, the beaches of the Similan Islands are among the most beautiful in Thailand!

Surrounded by steep cliffs, Rai Leh beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Thailand. Accessible only by long-tail boat, this superb beach of Thailand is a rare beauty. You will discover a long sandbank bordered by a unique blue-green sea. Its exceptional environment makes it a very popular spot for climbers, who challenge themselves on its steep limestone mountains!

Discover the beauty of the Thai seabed with a short scuba diving session. You will observe the richness of the underwater fauna and flora, an unforgettable moment during your stay in Thailand!

The Patong Beach To Experience Mythical Evenings

For a festive stay with friends in Thailand, opt for a trip to Patong beach. More than 3 kilometres of beach await you to relax and have fun, all in a setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards!

After a siesta on the beach, treat yourself to a swim in the clear and warm waters of Thailand.

At the end of the day, the bars and other restaurants come alive, the opportunity to spend a nice moment with friends on the beach. Patong beach is ideal for relaxing and partying with friends in Thailand!

Enjoy delicious cocktails, feet in the sand, admiring the last light of the day, then dance in one of the many clubs along the bay.

Thailand is full of beautiful beaches, making it the perfect destination to relax on the other side of the world!

When To Go To Thailand?

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