The most beautiful destinations for a honeymoon in Africa

A faraway land of mystery, Africa is a destination that promises a honeymoon in the heart of a grandiose nature. But where to go for a honeymoon in Africa that will offer you a break as romantic as it is exotic? Follow us in the grandiose landscapes of this enchanting continent.

The safari, the essential part of a honeymoon in Africa

It is impossible to talk about an African honeymoon without considering a safari. In the heart of a preserved nature, a safari will be the occasion of a daily show to be shared one-to-one. From South Africa to Botswana, through Mozambique and Kenya, the continent is dotted with national parks where you can experience an unforgettable African honeymoon, a stay between luxury and nature, in the middle of the savannah. Imagine yourself facing the rising sun on the terrace of your lodge in the middle of the savannah. Comfortably installed in this luxury setting that blends in with the surrounding nature, you are like alone in the world. Perhaps you will even hear a roar in the distance, heralding a promising day of safari. Leopards, lions, elephants, buffaloes and rhinos: the big five on safari will be there, both in Botswana's Chobe National Park and in South Africa's famous Kruger Park, South Africa's flagship reserve on the border with Mozambique.

Did you know?

If a safari in Africa always proves to be a memorable experience, why not punctuate your African honeymoon with an unusual luxury interlude through the sumptuous landscapes of Botswana? Embark on a luxury train for a journey as the only ones in the world to discover the most beautiful panoramas of South Africa and Botswana.

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Honeymoons in Africa: Mozambique, the destination for nature and idleness

When the Kruger Park arrives at the border of Mozambique, it becomes the Limpopo National Park. This haven of unspoiled nature is a prime safari destination on your honeymoon in Africa. Moreover, this stay in Mozambique will open the doors to magnificent beaches bathed by the Indian Ocean. If you wish to take advantage of your African honeymoon to go on safari before returning to your luxury cocoon for a relaxing break, Mozambique will grant your wishes! On your honeymoon in Africa, settle down in Maputo to fully enjoy the splendour of Mozambique's coastline. Bathed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the Machangulo Peninsula, at the gates of Maputo, and the Incaha Island, offer idyllic white sand beaches where you can walk hand in hand and enjoy relaxing sea baths.

Cape Verde for a getaway in a paradisiacal archipelago

If the sumptuous nature and safari days of Botswana and Mozambique are not your dream and you want to spend your African honeymoon in a place that has all the makings of a tropical paradise, then Cape Verde is the place to be. Jewel of the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde and its islands will be the perfect cocoon for a honeymoon in Africa full of romance and luxury. Nature with many faces, heavenly beaches and spicy gastronomy: Cape Verde is a real bubble of exoticism to be discovered together. Whether you are sporty, contemplative or curious: your honeymoon in Africa has plenty of activities in store for you. Start your honeymoon in Africa in Cape Verde by discovering the beaches of Sal and the natural pools that line the coastline, as in Buracona. After enjoying a dip in the pool, lean over the "Blue Eye", an underwater grotto that allows you to see fluorescent waters through a hole in the rock. Continue your honeymoon in Africa with a stopover in Fogo for a stroll through a lunar landscape at the foot of the Pico do Fogo volcano. On your African honeymoon in Cape Verde, you'll never be far from a beach for a romantic tête-à-tête. However, Boa Vista will be the island to stop for a lazy interlude during your African honeymoon in Cape Verde. There, everything is dunes, turquoise water and desert-like nature: a true corner of paradise for lovers wishing to be alone in the world! Safari between South Africa and Botswana, or stay on the edge of the Indian Ocean in Mozambique or the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Verde? Whatever your destination, your honeymoon in Africa reserves you an unforgettable and resourcing interlude between luxury and grandiose nature!

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