The best diving spots in Africa

A vast continent with a thousand landscapes and cultures, Africa attracts as much for its sunny weather as for its grandiose nature. On land as well as in the Indian Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean, Africa conceals breathtaking treasures that give each stay an exceptionally beautiful setting. Discover the best diving sports in Africa for an immersion in the heart of a colourful natural heritage.

Mozambique: Exploring the Indian Ocean in Africa

Discovering Africa on a trip is always a unique experience. To find some of the best diving spots in Africa, fly to Mozambique. These sun-drenched lands, licked by the welcoming waters of the Indian Ocean, promise a stay not far from the must-see dive sites of the Indian Ocean and Africa. Near Maputo, just at the entrance of Delagoa Bay, Inhaca Island is one of the best dive sites in Africa. Discover this small paradise of fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. A diving session in Africa in this idyllic setting of Mozambique will open the doors to the wonders of the Indian Ocean in Africa. Equipped with your mask, snorkel and fins, treat yourself to a snorkeling session to discover the coral reef with a thousand colors. For a more intense diving experience in Africa, come out at low tide for a guided drift through the reef to meet the eels, bars and barracudas that inhabit it. In summer, Inhaca Island is one of the best diving spots in Africa to observe the majestic ballet of manta rays; an unforgettable experience!

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In search of the best diving spots in South Africa

Impossible to evoke diving in Africa without mentioning this country that is a must to discover the nature of Africa while travelling. On land, you will live a memorable experience by going to meet the "big five" during a safari in the heart of the Kruger Park. Back in Cape Town, set sail to explore some of Africa's best Atlantic dive sites. Dive between granite arches and caverns to discover the many species of sponges, corals, gorgonians and nudibranchs in the dive sites of Clifton, Trawberry Rocks and Llandudno. In the east of the country, the Indian Ocean bathes South Africa in its warm waters and bubbling life. South of Durban, Aliwal Shoal and its 5 kilometres of reef is one of the best dive sites in Africa and, for many, in the world. The Nebo and the MV Produce will be the wrecks to discover off this Indian Ocean spot in Africa. Barracudas, tuna, lionfish and harlequin shrimp are all found here and will provide you with a colourful discovery.

Did you know that? False Bay, a protected spot not far from the Atlantic Ocean

Head to the Cape Peninsula for a dive session in Africa from Simon's Town. Here, the warm waters of False Bay promise you windless African diving sessions in the Shark Alley kelp forest. This is one of the best dive spots in South Africa for a fabulous experience of encountering harmless shark species such as striped dogfish, spotted sharks, pyjama sharks, but also spotted gully sharks, a species endemic to South Africa.

Diving in Africa: heading for the islands of the Indian Ocean

What if you were to discover the islands in the Indian Ocean facing Africa? Some of the best diving spots in Africa are indeed in the turquoise waters of these tropical pearls. Prepare yourself for an exotic experience on these sublime lands between fine sand and lush vegetation. When you discover Africa on your travels, Mauritius is a must-see destination for diving. Flic en Flac, Grande Baie, Belle Mare or Rodrigues: the best diving spots of the island reserve you a picture with fascinating shades. The lagoons of the Seychelles will also be a favourite destination for sessions in enchanting dive sites. Discover the Sainte-Anne Marine National Park, a splendid natural reserve where you can swim in the company of turtles, dolphins, tropical fish and phantasmagorically shaped corals. off the Indian Ocean, Africa reserves you sessions in warm and clear waters. And don't forget the best diving spots in the Atlantic for a new experience close to impressive sharks! Promise of unique moments in the discovery of the seabed inhabited by a varied fauna and flora, a diving trip in Africa will offer you a break in the heart of the depths.

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