As a couple or with friends, discover how to celebrate Christmas in Japan!

In Japan, cities are decked out in gold and lights as Christmas approaches. Embark for the Land of the Rising Sun and spend the holidays on the other side of the world, over a delicious meal…


Fly to Tokyo at the end of December and discover the magic of Christmas the Japanese way. You will be seduced by the numerous illuminations that decorate the whole city: statues, trees, garlands, lights are everywhere in Tokyo! Stroll in the most decorated districts such as Midtown, Tokyo Dome City and its tunnel of love, or Omotesando!

Before heading to the city's many markets, take the time to discover some of Tokyo's must-see attractions such as Tsukiji, the famous fish market, or the Meiji Shinto shrine. For a unique walkabout, head to Shibuya, the famous giant pedestrian walkway next to the subway station of the same name!

After a good day's walk, soak up the Christmas atmosphere at Roppongi, one of the city's most famous Christmas markets. Take the opportunity to do your last shopping in the small, homemade sheds and celebrate Christmas in Japan as it


You've decided to spend Christmas in Japan with your better half? That's a great idea since Christmas is usually seen as a romantic holiday there. On New Year's Eve, go out for a walk hand in hand before choosing a restaurant to dine alone.

Beware, there are often a lot of people, so be prepared and think about booking! After your festive menu, enjoy the famous "Christmas cake", usually decorated with small Christmas figurines.

To perfect the Japanese tradition, end your evening in one of the many Love Hotels in the country! These intimate hotels are very popular in Japan, especially on Christmas Eve. In the Land of the Rising Sun, Christmas is a romantic time of year.

Celebrate Christmas in a different way in Japan and immerse yourself in the different traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun as Christmas in Japan is a real friendly and warm moment!

Did you know?

Christmas Cake is very popular in Japan. It is a light, spongy dessert topped with whipped cream or chocolate icing and topped with strawberries. It can be found on every street corner during the holiday season!

Celebrate Christmas in Japan through our resorts!


In Japan, Christmas is very convivial and warm, and it is not uncommon for Japanese people to spend it with friends. During your stay in Japan during the festive season, expect to find yourself on New Year's Eve surrounded by groups of friends celebrating the season together.

The festive meals are usually very simple, restaurants often offer Western menus, but it is also common to spend Christmas enjoying a pizza with family or friends. Make the most of your holiday in Japan to celebrate Christmas in a different way!

For a 100% authentic holiday, spend Christmas Eve at Disneyland Tokyo! Starting in November, the park will be bright with lights. Between light shows, Christmas parades and attractions, children will be delighted to spend Christmas at Disneyland Tokyo, just like thousands of little Japanese children! The park's magical decor will immediately immerse you in a festive and warm atmosphere. An unforgettable moment to spend Christmas in Japan with your family.

Did you know?

In Japan, chicken from a large fast-food chain is very popular at Christmas! In fact, you usually have to order more than a week in advance if you want to have your chicken fried for Christmas Eve! This custom dates back to the 1970s. The big fast-food chain was then the only one to offer fried chicken at Christmas, which was very popular among Western expatriates. The Japanese have since kept this custom on Christmas Eve.

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