When to go to Seychelles?

Do you want to know when to go to Seychelles to enjoy a stay in the best possible conditions? With a little flexibility, you can make the best of the climatic conditions of these tropical islands before organizing your trip in the heart of the Seychelles archipelago located in the Indian Ocean.

When to go to Seychelles depending on the climate?

Before planning your trip to Seychelles, it is good to learn about the climatic characteristics of this region where there is a tropical and humid climate throughout the year. The temperature, stable month after month, gives little indication of when to go to Seychelles. However, it is possible to distinguish two seasons punctuating the daily life of these islands bordered by beaches with turquoise waters. The hottest and wettest season, the southern summer, begins in October and ends in April. The north-west trade winds tend to bring algae to the beaches, but if you can not go to the Seychelles until this period, rest assured: not all the beaches are affected at the same time of the year, since, during the cool season, it is the trade winds of the South-East which touch the islands of Seychelles.

Did you know ?

Traveling to Seychelles depends mainly on weather conditions. The transition months between two seasons are, in our opinion, the best times to choose to go to Seychelles. In particular the months of October, November, April and May.

When to go to the Seychelles depending on the climate for swimming?

With a temperature of around 30 ° C throughout the year and constant sunshine, the question of when to go to Seychelles to swim allows an easy answer. In fact, the water temperature averages around 28 ° C throughout the year. Thus, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Seychelles for lazy moments or for incredible aquatic activities. The clear colour of the water and the colourful reefs alone offer excellent possibilities for observing underwater flora and fauna using a mask and a snorkel. The more adventurous and experienced will also have the possibility of scuba diving in Seychelles. After lounging on a Seychelles beach, you can also try paddle or kayak.

Where to go in Seychelles during your stay?

The most famous of the islands is the island of Mahé, where the capital of the Seychelles is located: Victoria. However, combining the two islands, those of Mahé and Praslin, remains the best way to truly discover the Seychelles. The island of Mahé is full of extraordinary and wild landscapes, and a very rich history and diverse culture. Victoria will allow you to marvel at the Avenue of Independence, the big market of Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke, the Clock Tower, the botanical garden, the Creole houses and other colourful buildings. A hike in the Morne National Park is also worth a visit for your Seychelles vacation. Mahé and Praslin, two of the main islands of the Seychelles, complement each other perfectly for a successful discovery stay. The island of Praslin is particularly known for its Garden of Eden where the mythical May Valley and its Coco de Mer are sheltered. If you were wondering when to go to Seychelles to swim or try scuba diving, it will be on the magical island of Praslin that you will find many idyllic beaches like Anse Volbert, Anse Lazio or Anse Kerlan. From Praslin Island, you can easily transit to other Seychelles islands, such as Curieuse Island, La Digue Island, etc. If you were wondering when to go to Seychelles for your next vacation, you have your answer. During your trip, you can discover the famous Seychelles Islands, Mahe Island and Praslin Island. With family, couple, friends or alone!

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