What to visit in Seychelles?

With their paradisiacal beaches bathed in turquoise water, the Seychelles islands are a haven of peace - ideal for recharging your batteries and enjoying an exotic stay facing the Indian Ocean. If you are wondering what to visit in Seychelles to take full advantage of the local culture and heritage? Follow us to discover the essentials of an enchanting trip to Seychelles.

Victoria, a colorful capital

The beauty and strategic position in the heart of the Indian Ocean have made the Seychelles islands a particularly coveted archipelago. Previously a British colony, the Seychelles and the island of Mahé in particular bear witness to this past with multiple influences. A stroll through Victoria, the capital, is one of the first steps when it comes to what to visit in Seychelles to soak up the unique atmosphere of the archipelago. On your walk you will come across the Clock Tower, a replica of the Vauxhall Clock Tower in London. Past that, you will quickly arrive at the State House. This imperial colonial residence on the island of Mahé once housed British governors but is now occupied by official offices. During your trip to Seychelles, let your curiosity guide you to the Botanical Garden of the island of Mahé, a green setting in the heart of the city. This lush setting must be top of the list of what to visit in Seychelles to discover the richness of the local flora. Endemic palm trees and orchids reveal all their splendour and give this park a magical atmosphere. But that’s not all! After it's time to browse the multi-coloured stalls of the Sir Selwyn Clarke market. Between artisanal products, exotic fruits and spices, this popular meeting place on the island of Mahé is one of the essential points when you want to know what to visit in Seychelles for an authentic experience.

Le Morne Seychellois, the natural stopover for a trip to the Seychelles

Whilst praising the beauty of the beaches of the Seychelles islands lapped by the Indian Ocean, it would be a shame to forget the green nature that unfolds inland. When you are wondering what to visit in Seychelles, be sure to include Le Morne Seychellois National Park in your program. Located on the island of Mahé, this nature reserve will delight lovers of the great outdoors who are looking to visit Seychelles to immerse themselves in lush and unspoiled nature. Hiking on the slopes of Morne Blanc, stroll to the top of Copolia and discovery of exotic flora and fauna: this part of your trip to the Seychelles offers you an unforgettable experience and some of the most beautiful panoramas on the Seychelles islands surrounding and the Indian Ocean.

Mahé - Praslin: a crossing to a discreet paradise

Take advantage of your trip to Seychelles to experience the Indian Ocean and its turquoise waters on a cruise or quite simply, a crossing from Mahé to Praslin. All the islands of Seychelles abound in paradisiac beaches where one can appreciate the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, but those of Praslin have the reputation of being particularly sublime. Wondering what to visit in Seychelles after your maritime escapade between Mahé and Praslin? Take the direction of Lazio Cove, where you will discover one of the most famous landscapes of the Seychelles islands. There, the white sand, turquoise water and azure sky offer a real postcard landscape with coconut palms, palm trees and blocks of granite. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vallée de Mai, in the heart of Praslin Island, will be the occasion for strolls in a tropical jungle preserved of an infinite wealth. This natural reserve shelters a magnificent palm forest in its almost original state. Six endemic palm species are established there, a characteristic that Praslin does not share with any of the Seychelles islands or even the Indian Ocean. Black parrots, blue pigeons and diurnal geckos may cross your path in this exceptional ecosystem of the Seychelles islands. Wondering what to visit in Seychelles during your next stay? Rest assured, your vacation in this paradise archipelago promises to be rich in discoveries. From Mahé Island to Praslin Island, the idyllic beaches bordered by the Indian Ocean, unspoiled and generous nature, and Victoria, the sparkling capital located on the island of Mahé, will make your trip to Seychelles an unforgettable break.

Did you know ?

Vallée de Mai represents the largest forest of sea coconut palms in the world. During your trip to Seychelles, from Mahé to Praslin, take the time to observe this rare endemic species. Its fruit can measure up to 50 cm and weighs up to 45 kg with its seed being the largest in the world with more than 25 kg for certain specimens, the sea coconut palm impresses with its beauty and its strength.

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