Transatlantic cruisesby Club Med

Where the wind blows

Cross the Atlantic, taking the same route as the great explorers.
Perfect peace, no land in sight: just the deep blue of the ocean on the horizon. A legendary crossing, filled with delight.

Set sail for a transatlantic cruise from Lisbon to Fort-de-France!

Enjoy the weather on an original, cosmopolitan journey. From Lisbon / Portugal, to Fort-de-France / Martinique via Funchal and Barbados: that's the route for this cruise across the Atlantic Ocean aboard the Club Med 2.

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Set sail for a transatlantic cruise from Fort-de-France to Lisbon!

From Fort-de-France in Martinique, hoist the sails and head for the shores of Barbados. After a few days at sea, the boat will reach Funchal for an stopover before arriving in Lisbon, Portugal.

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