Learn how to Snowboard

Lessons are included with Club Med

For many people, the pleasure of the slopes isn’t found on a pair of skis. Slaloming down a mountain on a single board is how they get their kicks and you might find snowboarding to be your ideal winter pastime. It’s not as hard to learn as you might think it is and offers many pleasures from trick jumps to weaving in and out of natural obstacles. It might take a while before you tackle your first half-pipe or show off with an Indy Grab, but you’ll have enormous fun getting there.

Club Med offers the perfect playground to get lessons, practice your tricks and share stories about your latest faceplant with friends and family in luxurious surroundings.

What is snowboarding?

Snowboarding only has a short official history, although it’s likely to have been around for a lot longer than that. In 1965, an engineer called Sherman Poppen fastened two skis together to create a toy for his daughters. Since then the sport has taken off dramatically and millions now enjoy the fun of attaching a board to their feet and careering down a piste or doing daring jumps from a slope.

Where to go snowboarding?

Every Club Med resort that offers ski-ing also provides a snowboarding holiday experience. Regions such as Paradiski, 3 Valleys and Espace Killy offer endless spaces of freshly powdered snow and ultra-modern snow parks. You can also head for Asia: Yabuli, Beidahu in China, Tomamu and Sahoro in Japan. Alternatively, take a trip to North America and our Québec Charlevoix Resort in Canada.

Our recommended Club Med resorts for your next Snowboarding holiday:
Alpe d'Huez in the French Alps
Val Thorens in the French Alps
Les Arcs Panorama in the French Alps
La Rosiere in the French Alps
La Plagne 2100 in the French Alps

Our Snowboarding Packages

Our all-inclusive Club Med packages allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of snowboarding. We offer classes, equipment hire and passes as well as all the extras you expect from a Club Med holiday. Choose the package that suits your level of expertise, what you want to do and whether you’re taking a holiday with friends, partners or an entire family.

No need to buy equipment

Get your snowboard and boots straight from the resort and have your locker rooms ready to use. Our all-inclusive package is perfect for those looking to snowboard without having the stress of gathering equipment outside the resort.

Club Med offers you a complete hire service of high-quality equipment, including boards, boots and helmets. You can benefit from four levels of snowboards in the Club Med ski hire service:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediates
  • Advanced
  • Experts

Our experts will help you choose the right board for your level.

Lessons for everyone

Club Med offers group courses suitable for everyone with the cost included in the price of your stay. In Europe, lessons are delivered by instructors from the national ski schools (ESF, ESS and ESI). In addition, you take priority on the ski lifts when you're part of a group class.

Kids can start snowboarding at Club Med from the age of 8 at Snowboard with introductory classes. Once they’re 12 or over they join the adults so everyone can slip, slide and spin together.

Your level will be assessed so you go into the right class. Beginners go to Class 1. Those heading down the blue pistes and controlling their trajectory and speed are in Class 2. Red slope veterans make Class 3 whilst Class 4 is reserved for the experts.

Our recommended resorts for snowboarding holidays: