A romantic and rejuvenating honeymoon in Seychelles

Just the idea of ​​a honeymoon in Seychelles will make you want to fly there immediately with your loved one. What could be better as a destination to celebrate your love than a true paradise archipelago near Madagascar and Mauritius? A honeymoon in Seychelles promises to seduce you with privacy and luxury. The Seychellois landscapes as well as its islands like Praslin Island or Mahé Island, will continue to amaze you and your soul mate, for an unforgettable experience.

A honeymoon in Seychelles, a recognized romantic destination

A honeymoon in Seychelles takes you on a timeless journey. Indeed, Seychelles, like Mauritius, is known to be a particularly romantic destination. Flying away for a honeymoon in the Seychelles, takes you to a luxurious place where tourism players are used to welcoming couples. Many couples also celebrate their love on this archipelago. And for good reason. The Seychelles are perfectly suited to this type of memorable experience: dream landscapes and beaches as far as the eye can see. You will undoubtedly be seduced by the nuances of colours of the Indian Ocean, real shades of blue tones. This unique archipelago offers you and your other half some of the most beautiful beaches in the world for your honeymoon. A honeymoon in the Seychelles allows you to enjoy several intimate places where tranquillity reigns. You will discover many fascinating places, completely preserved from mass tourism. Celebrate your union on an authentic journey where healing brings you back rejuvenated. In addition, relaxation rubs shoulders daily with the disarming beauty of the landscapes available to you. You will certainly be amazed by the beauty of nature that floods the archipelago during your honeymoon in Seychelles.

A honeymoon in the Seychelles, a destination with many advantages

During a honeymoon in Seychelles, you will surely appreciate the local population and their hospitality. Take advantage of a particularly warm and friendly welcome. Seychellois prove to be wonderful hosts and will ensure you have a memorable experience. In addition, the Seychelles is full of restaurants perfectly suited to a honeymoon. You will be able to taste delicious dishes with multiple influences, and also traditional Creole dishes in a setting perfect for romance. You can share a meal with your loved one on a paradise beach with your feet in the sand, looking towards the sunset. Looking to celebrate your love even further? Extend your union by organizing an intimate ceremony on the beach, in an idyllic setting that is memorable and unforgettable!

Did you know ?

With its perfect weather, any time is the right time to go on a honeymoon in Seychelles. The weather is good all year round easing up your holiday date constraints. From October to April, the wettest season, the average heat is 32 degrees. From May to September the season is considered dry and "cool", where temperatures range between 18 and 26 degrees.

A honeymoon in an archipelago for multiple atmospheres

In Seychelles, no less than 115 islands offer you a range of different atmospheres. The island of Mahé, that of Sainte-Anne or even Praslin island, for example, offer very different atmospheres from each other. The diversity of the landscapes and the Seychellois terrain will also make you enjoy walks with breath-taking viewpoints on paradisiacal beaches during your honeymoon. And why not discover several islands by boat? There is nothing more romantic than being on a boat, alone in the world with your other half. Between relaxation and paradisiacal landscapes, your honeymoon in Seychelles will transport you to a haven where only your love and your union count. You will return with unique memories of your honeymoon and moments of love celebrated in heaven on earth.

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