Seychelles: experience unique hikes

Long sandy beaches, lush vegetation and the Indian Ocean as far as the eye can see: the Seychelles islands have everything to make it heaven on earth! If lazing around is a must during your stay in this idyllic archipelago, exploring the nature of Seychelles on a hike will reveal unexpected treasures. Follow us to the heart of the Indian Ocean for strolls through an exotic natural heritage.

Le Morne Seychellois, the star of hiking in the Seychelles

Located in the heart of Mahé, the largest of the Seychelles island, Le Morne Seychellois and its national park offer you countless itineraries for your hikes in Seychelles. Numerous routes wind along the slopes covered with tropical forests at the highest point of the Seychelles islands and the surrounding mountains such as Le Morne Blanc. To admire the splendour of Seychelles when hiking, start by climbing this summit. After crossing an old tea plantation, return to the rainforest of the Morne Seychellois National Park for a hike in Seychelles of just over an hour in continuous climb. The bulbul, the swiftlet and the sunbird will be some of the endemic birds that you may come across on your route. Morne Seychellois National Park also hosts the smallest frog in the world, a one centimetre specimen, with surprising vociferations! Once on the heights of the Morne Blanc cliff, take a seat facing the spectacular view of the west coast of this Seychelles island. The green slopes covered during this hike in the Seychelles join downstream the turquoise reflections of the Indian Ocean, a union which offers an unforgettable panorama.

Explore the reserve, a must in Mahé

Head south of the Morne Seychellois National Park for a hike in the heart of typical landscapes of the archipelago. This route, accessible to all, starts at a place called Bon Espoir. There, a path winds up to the heights overlooking the Indian Ocean. Imposing mahogany trees line the path before giving way to a lush palm forest that you can only come across in Seychelles when hiking. Beginners and children will also be able to take part in this one-kilometre walk, which will lead you to magnificent granite cliffs and rocky blocks from where to admire the jungle which extends as far as the eye can see. From the wooden peninsula, admire the Indian Ocean, whose bluish oscillations offer a striking contrast with these green hills dotted with black rocks.

Did you know ?

With their rounded shapes and as delicately polished, the blocks of granite synonymous with the national park of Morne Seychellois can be seen during excursions in Seychelles as well as on the beaches. From Anse Source d'Argent beach on La Digue to Beau Vallon beach on Mahé, these rock formations have become emblematic of the Seychelles islands.

Sainte-Anne, the secret jewel of the Seychelles Islands

A few minutes by boat from Mahé, Sainte-Anne is one of the Seychelles islands renowned for its unspoiled nature. A national park was created there in 1973, the first of its kind in the Indian Ocean. Since then, this paradise island has been a veritable sanctuary for terrestrial and marine flora and fauna. Sainte-Anne offers countless possibilities to discover the Seychelles by hiking in the heart of its welcoming nature. The Indian Ocean will never be far from your journey, and each of your excursions can be punctuated by a swim or a snorkelling session. Take the direction of the south coast, for a hike in the Seychelles crossing beaches and sheltered paths offering breath-taking panoramas of the Indian Ocean and its waters full of life. Granite blocks and wild coves where sea turtles come to shelter will punctuate your hike on one of the most preserved Seychelles islands. In the heart of the island, the tropical jungle of this national park offers you sinuous itineraries between sumptuous sea coconut palms, green cinnamon trees and majestic casuarinas. From the imperial Morne Seychellois and its national park, to the paths of the tropical forest from Mahé via the beaches of the natural sanctuary of the Sainte-Anne national marine park, discovering the Seychelles by hiking will be an amazing occasion surrounded by real postcard picturesque landscapes.

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