Seychelles: what climate?

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands, located above Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. With 7 hours of sunshine a day and average temperatures of 28 degrees, the Seychelles islands attract tourists all year round, who come to enjoy this mild and pleasant equatorial climate.

The weather in Seychelles

The weather in Seychelles is perfect for holidays with few differences between the dry summer season from April - October, and the rainy winter season, from October - March. In the year, January is the month with the most rain and during that time the air can then be heavy with high humidity and some thunderstorms. Perfect for the holiday destination it is, the weather in Seychelles is favourable for couples and family holidays during almost all the year, with a preference for the dry season. The Seychelles islands, though located in the Indian Ocean, enjoy a certain calm when it comes to cyclonic phenomena and strong wind. There are very few, which makes this destination a relatively calm and secure area.

Best months to visit: From the end of April to the end of June, and from the end of September to the middle of November when temperatures are high and weather is dry.

Temperatures in Seychelles

Temperatures in Seychelles are generally mild throughout the year. They oscillate between 25 and 30 degrees on average, sometimes more during the rainy season. The days are hot and sunny, but the sun is not overwhelming. In fact, you can enjoy walks on the beach, strolling the streets of Victoria to Mahé, La Digue or Praslin, visits to nature reserves or watching incredible bird life. Water temperatures in Seychelles are warm all year round - never dropping below 28 degrees and peaking to 30 degrees in April and May. Swimming in the ocean is possible in summer and winter on the Seychelles islands. Around the coast, the water is suitable for nautical activities such as canoeing or diving and best enjoyed in July and August.

Did you know ?

Do you practice surfing or windsurfing? Average temperatures allow you to come and enjoy the beaches all year round. However, the cool season, from May to October, is a little more windy, and therefore recommended for the practice of board sports. The winds on the Seychelles islands, the trade winds, come from the Southeast, unlike the rainy season, where they come from the North West.

Getaway on Mahé Island and Curious Island

Mahe Island is the main island of the Seychelles archipelago where the city of Victoria is located. Many boat cruises leave from Victoria to Mahé and allow you to tour some of the Seychelles islands. A visit to the island of Mahé, will enchant you with typical Creole houses, colorful and full of charm. To note is that Mahé has the highest point in Seychelles, at 900 meters above sea level, offering a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. Another known island of the archipelago is Curieuse Island, accessible by boat for a day visit. Here you can observe, during a stroll through one of the protected sites, the famous giant tortoises. Curieuse Island is also famous for its astonishing flora: you come across coco de mer, also cheekily known as coco-buttocks, and much larger than traditional coconuts. The ideal time to go and enjoy the beach is between the end of April and the end of June, where the water is warmest, around 28 degrees. Having said that, the climate of Seychelles makes it a destination to go in summer and winter, because the weather is good all year round!

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