Welcome, babies!

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Travelling with small toddlers is a delightful experience when the family is welcomed in the right conditions. Baby Club Med® features age-appropriate activities, meals especially designed for babies, changing rooms, baby bottles, childcare accessories made available in your room…Check out our baby “friendly services”.

The Baby Club Med

Activities especially for little ones between 4 and 23 months

During the day, our GO® care for the little ones in the Baby Club Med®, a space specially designed for children from 4 to 23 months. Here they have access to all kinds of facilities that will help them grow and flourish: interactive games, high chairs, crawling mats... and even a special dormitory, so that they can continue to follow their familiar rhythm.

On the programme: walks, counting rhymes, learning and doing games, music... All activities are adapted to the age of each child, the season and the environment of the Resort. In the afternoon, your baby can eat in the company of the GO® and the other children of the Baby Club®, but you can also choose to pick up your little one to enjoy lunch together.

A nurse is present in all Resorts with a Baby Club Med®.

The Baby Club Med® is not included in the all-inclusive formula and is offered in a selection of Resorts.

Ever heard of the Baby Gym?

On the programme: games and motor skills

Go! On to the crawling mat... To learn coordination and balance, to orient yourself, to adapt to obstacles and to improve your knowledge of your body, nothing beats a course of playful and colorful motor skills. The Baby Gym is an activity specially designed for the motor awakening of the little ones.

The Baby Gym is offered as part of Baby Club Med® activities.

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