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Ready to put on your skis and hit the slopes? Brands are vying with each other to offer increasingly sophisticated models and the choice is vast. To make sure you make the right choice, our teams are here to advise you and help you discover the criteria to take into account when choosing the ideal ski size.

First criterion: the level of practice

Whatever your level, you are looking for handling, comfort and above all pleasure. Making the right choice guarantees that you will be able to master your turns in complete safety. The size of the ski varies according to your level of expertise:

  • If you are a beginner or intermediate**, we recommend short (5 to 15 cm shorter than your height) and slightly curved skis such as parabolic skis. They allow you to turn more easily in the turns and to link them more and more quickly.

  • For experienced skiers**, the size of the skis should be at least equal to your height, to give you more stability when you pick up speed.

Good to know, Club Med offers ski rental in its Ski Pro Shop and the teams on site are always there to help you.

Second criterion: the type of skiing practiced

The size of the skis differs according to the use you make of them and the terrain. There are 4 types of skiing: piste, all mountain, freeride and freestyle.

  • Piste** refers to groomed terrain and recreational skiing. Short skis are recommended for better control in turns, whether on a blue or black run.

  • All mountain** is for those who are comfortable moving from groomed runs to powder. The size of these versatile skis depends on your technical level.

  • Powder fans** opt for freeride skis with wide runners to feel like you're floating on virgin snow. To gain stability and speed, the skis should be 5 to 10 cm longer than your height.

  • Finally, snowpark and freestyle enthusiasts are looking for bispatulated skis to turn easily. For more manoeuvrability, choose skis that are your height or a few centimetres shorter.

Third criterion: morphology

Weight, height and gender are the final criteria to consider when choosing your ski size.

  • If you are slender**, don't choose skis that are too tall, as you may end up flying. Similarly, if you are a stout person, skis that are too short do not offer the necessary lift or good gliding sensation.

  • For younger children, it is sometimes better to use shorter, child-sized skis. They should be at chest height for beginners or at nose level.

  • Women's skis are not only distinguished by their elegant design. Women's centre of gravity is further back and lower than men's, the heel is higher and the bindings are further forward.

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Ski rental: visit the Ski Pro Shop

Visit the Ski Pro Shop®, a real shop within your resort. In addition to ski, snowboard and snowshoe hire, and all the necessary equipment, you will find :

  • a wide choice of equipment with a range of skis and snowboards for all levels
  • experts to guide you in your fittings and in the choice of the most suitable material and equipment for you

The Ski Pro Shop® also allows you to buy gloves, socks, boots and backpacks at your resort.

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