Special holidays with Club Med

Enjoy your Next Holiday with Club Med!

Discover a Club Med School Holiday, Christmas and New Years Eve!

Tired of the same Festive or school holiday routine? Why not change it up this year, by celebrating or vacationing in style at one our resorts located all over the world! Enjoy the White Christmas you have always dreamed of, or dancing on the white sandy …

School holidays in Club Med style!

Smiles, sunshine and endless fun and activities!

Family holidays are an absolute necessity - even if it’s just one holiday a year. It’s the one week a year where parents can forget about electronics, cooking meals and innovative and new ways to keep kids entertained. It is all good and well to know that a family break is necessary but at what cost? Accommodation, transport, food, snacks, entertainment – family holidays can be quite costly to plan. However with Club Med this doesn’t have to be, especially with our Mauritius deal where kids U/12 stay and play for free!

We offer services where our dedicated GOs take care of your children with facilities and activities adapted to their age for kids from ages 4 months – 17 years. Enjoy this service either included at your resort or available on demand, so that you can enjoy some quality time for yourself or with your partner.


Celebrate your Next Christmas in the Club Med Spirit!

Hit the slopes this Christmas!

The festive season is undoubtedly the most family-orientated time of the year and at Club Med we’re all about family time! At our resorts we aim to remove all the stress associated with your Christmas celebrations, so that you can relax, have fun and still feel festive with your family, sharing gifts and eating till your heart’s content. We also provide a whole host of activities that make the Christmas season extra special (and stress-free).

Snow-where like Club Med:
As South Africans our Festive seasons are often filled with days at the beach or at the pool, however every so often, we dream about that “White-Christmas” always showcased on TV. With Club Med’s variety of resorts, you're sure to find a perfect snow resort making your Christmas this year feel a little more festive.

Father Christmas and little Elf helpers:
There’s plenty to keep the kids entertained over Christmas with the Club Med GOs, who are no strangers to dressing up as festive characters for the occasion. With Club Med's childcare option available, your little ones can enjoy a host of festive fun with Kids Clubs for Kids aged 4 – 17 years and baby clubs available on demand.


Have a holiday Countdown

and Then countdown into the New Year!

Are you tired of the same New Year’s routine? Have last year’s celebrations left you lacking in enthusiasm? Maybe it’s time you set your sights a little further this year and start planning the next New Year’s Eve in style, at one of Club Med’s astonishing resorts!

With activities and parties for friends and families alike, taking place either at the resort or at a nearby celebration – we will help you enter the New Year in Club Med style.

With more than 60 resorts located all around the world, the only stressful part will be deciding whether to celebrate on the slopes and ski your way into the New Year or under the setting sun with white sand between your toes.