Comfort and style

Your cruise on a luxury cruise ship

"We have 200 members of staff to ensure your comfort and we want you to enjoy a unique experience at sea. Whether you'd prefer a gastronomic, cultural, spa, relaxing or festive feel, we're here to make your dream holiday a reality." - Your Captain

Decks and cabins

Elegant and inventive, the decor of our cruise ship is inspired by the routes and voyages of some of the greatest sailors.
With several decks and 2000m² of teak, the ship has a cosy feel and all cabins have a sea view.
On Deck D, we love the ten spacious, comfortable suites which all enjoy natural light.

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Club Cabin

Each 18m² cabin offers a splendid view of the landscape during your cruise.
§ 55 Club Cabins on Deck B (lower deck)
§ 67 Club Cabins on Deck C (intermediary deck)
§ 48 Club Cabins on Deck D (upper deck)
Lifts at the front and back of the ship

Tasty food - and time for cocktails

Delicious flavours

You're on holiday — so choose what you want to eat and when you want to eat it with the Magellan restaurant and the Méditerranée buffet restaurant.
Wherever and whenever you eat, you'll enjoy irresistible food, created using the best products and paired with fine wines.
Aboard our luxury cruise ship, it really is all-inclusive — even snacks and cocktails!

Le Méditerranée

The main restaurant on the "Grenadines" deck offers breakfast and lunch on the terrace, veranda or in its air-conditioned dining room.
Buffets, à la carte service in the morning and at lunchtime and table service in the evening (service is only available when booked in advance, subject to availability) are offered.

Le Magellan

On the "Eiao" deck, our chef and his team invite you to enjoy a range of flavourful dishes for dinner, served at the table of your choice.
The sommelier will be happy to recommend fine wines*.

*Additional charge.

Cabin dining*

Available at any time, room service offers a range of dishes prepared by our chef.

This service is included in the package for G.M.®s staying in a suite.
*Additional charge.

A wide range of activities aboard our cruise ship

Take a deep breath!

Admiring the delightful landscapes isn't the only activity on board the Club Med 2.
Get in shape with the fitness area and enjoy some adrenaline in the nautical hall where you an try windsurfing, water skiing and paddle boarding.

Sports schools

Included in your package!

Sports schools offer sports enthusiasts the best facilities and materials. All partipicants, whether they're beginners or more experienced, will be able to enjoy their sport in optimal conditions.
§ High-quality supervision with G.O.®s trained in their particular activity to introduce beginners to the sport and to perfect the technique of more experienced participants.
§ Group classes for all levels, 6 days out of 7, to give everyone the opportunity to make progress in their activity.
§ Equipment, tailored to each participant's age and level, is loaned during classes and courses.

The nautical hall isn't always open: it's only available during certain stopovers.
It's usage dependent on weather conditions and the local authorities when the boat is at anchor.

Waterskiing and wakeboarding school

This activity is available in the ship's nautical hall at the back of the ship on Deck C: an 85m² platform looks out over the sea.

Windsurfing school

This activity is available in the ship's nautical hall at the back of the ship on Deck C: an 85m² platform looks out over the sea.

Fitness school

In the fitness room, on the highest deck of the cruise ship, or in the open air overlooking the sea, several activities are available: low-impact workouts, bums and tums classes, stretching, muscle building, relaxation and more.

Zen attitude

A journey for the senses

Pampering, relaxation or fitness: whatever you fancy, enjoy a feeling of total well-being during your cruise.
In the elegant surroundings of the Club Med Spa by CARITA, covering some 110m², you can enjoy the customised programmes offered by wellness specialists (at an additional cost).


A technique inspired by yoga, dance and gymnastics, Pilates helps to correct and improve the posture by firming and toning muscles, developing flexibility and eliminating stress.

Activity available to those aged 16 and over.

Great escapes

Become an explorer

Explore new cultures and learn about different worlds.
The Club Med 2 is the perfect springboard to explore different countries' hidden gems.

A cruise for exploring

Day trips during stopovers are an unmissable opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful sites in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.
You're free to leave and come back whenever you want. Boats offer a constant shuttle service, even for late stopovers, when nights are warmer and longer.

Our guided excursions*

Immerse yourself in the local culture by choosing one of our guided excursions every day. A range of optional excursions is offered every day, depending on the stopover destinations.

Book your excursions before your departure or find out about other available excursions when you arrive on board (provided that the maximum number of participants has not been reached).

Excursions are non-interchangeable and subject to change, depending on weather conditions and/or the local authorities.

*Additional charge.

For a great atmosphere - guaranteed!

The Club Med spirit

Enjoy unmissable shows, exclusive evenings and exceptional events organised by our G.O.®s.
For quieter evenings, you'll love the calm feel on deck as you look out over the sea at the end of the day, and chats in the lounges.

Festive or lounge evenings — it's up to you!

The nights may not seem long enough as our fabulous five-masted cruise ship continues its journey under the stars.

Every evening includes a surprise organised by our team of talented, imaginative G.O.®s for truly unforgettable memories.

Set sail for a cruise in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean!

We're happy and proud to sail around the most beautiful coasts in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, including exclusive stopovers where only our magnificent cruise ship can drop anchor.

Our Mediterranean cruises

From April to November

From April to November, set sail on the Club Med 2 to discover the treasures of the Mediterranean.

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Our Caribbean cruises

From November - April

From November to April, sail in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, stopping over on the most beautiful islands.

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