With many of us working remotely and staying at home as much as possible, entertaining our little ones has become and everyday challenge. Several times a week we will send activities and tips from our Kids Clubs G.Os and partners to keep the whole family entertained and educated.

Buddha bowl

Gather your greens and your spices to enjoy a colourful and delicious Buddha Bowl.

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Vacation in the blink of an eye

Let your wanderlust take flight and enjoy 360° tours of our resorts. Immerse yourself in the Club Med experience.

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Destination Club Med

discover our resort locations

Where is the Seychelles, or Mauritius? How about the Maldives? Use our map with the Club Med Resorts to help your child learn geography.

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Get an up close, 360 degree view of wildlife, wherever you are

Invite an animal friend home with Google AR animals. Level up homeschooling by helping your kids grasp the scale of animals you can spot, such as the brown bear in Hokkaido during summer, or the various species of sharks in Maldives.

Simply google any of these animals: brown bear, shark, turtles, snake, macaw and scroll down till you find the 'View in 3D' button.

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White Chocolate Bread Recipe

A hot favourite and a classic in our Club Med resorts, this indulgent treat is perfect for breakfast, lunch... and dinner too. Let's be honest — there's no bad time for white chocolate bread.

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Family Cook off

Let the kids join in on the fun in the Kitchen, who knows they might help with the cleaning. Cooking with your kids is the perfect time to chat and laugh while teaching them new skills.

Discover how to cook the famous Club Med Valmorel Brioche.
Download the ingredients and recipe here: Brioche Recipe

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The Family Playlist

Let's remember those Crazy Signs with this good mood playlist to get everyone on their feet!

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It's your turn

Share a moment with your family by playing our Amazing Game, simple and easy to learn. To your mimes!

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Yoga School by Heberson Playlist.

The Yoga School by Heberson playlist to do your yoga sessions with music.

Heberson Oliveira is the inventor of the "VIBHAVA YOGA" method accessible to all, which allows the results to be seen at all levels and offers workshops on breathing, relaxation, balance, meditative walks and yoga excursions.

VIBHAVA YOGA 'is available in Cefalù, Alpe d'Huez and from winter 2020-21 in our new La Rosière Resort.

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You're up next

Play the Amazing Pictionary game with the whole family and see who can do the best impressions!

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Oxford Owls

Run out of reading books and have no access to the school or community library? Worry not! Oxford Owls has a free eBook library that will provide countless hours of fun reading and also help your children develop their reading skills. For a limited period, they have added hundreds more eBooks to the free library so your children have more to read during the lockdown. Happy Reading!

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We bend over backwards

Learn how to make an origami fish with our step by step guide. Once finished, watch your back!

Ready, steady, fold!

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