Enjoy the thrills and spills, and experience great adventures, whatever your level

Whether you want to hit the groomed slopes or discover the whole ski area with your family, find the right skis for you with these tips and tricks for choosing them. All you have to do is put on your suit.

Skis for every level of expertise

Whether you are a beginner, an expert or a seasoned skier, you can progress at your own pace with the right skis.

  • To familiarise yourself with the basic movements and to make your first turns on the blue and green slopes, choose short and fairly narrow skis. They are easier to handle, have a better grip and allow you to react more quickly. Choose bindings that are flexible enough to allow you to remove your boots more easily.

  • Are you comfortable with turns and are you skiing on the slopes? To progress and improve your speed, opt for a slightly wider and stiffer model which offers better control in the curves. The higher you go, the stiffer the ski should be.

  • For those who know how to carve, i.e. to take very hard turns by leaning to the maximum, a very powerful model is necessary. The carving ski has a parabolic shape, ideal for making sharp turns while maintaining full speed. Strong emotions guaranteed.

How to choose the size of your skis?

Enjoy the feeling, whatever the terrain

Whether you are young or old, downhill skiing is for beginners as well as the more experienced.

  • If you like to tame the snow in all its facets, opt for all-mountain skis. A little wider than the classic skis, their rocker, or inverted camber, makes them easier to manoeuvre.

  • If you like to ski downhill on all terrains, suit skis with a large runner (over 90 mm) and long, wide tips for a unique sensation. Flat heel models provide speed and stability.

  • For freestyle enthusiasts, bi-wedge skis are both light and durable and are perfect for making jumps while still landing on your skis.

A question, an advice: the G.O® are your privileged interlocutors

At Club Med, each resort has its own Ski Pro Shop®. In addition to quality clothing, you will find a wide range of high-quality high-tech skis from partner brand Rossignol, for hire or purchase.

At Club Med, you can be sure of always making the right choice thanks to the expert advice of the G.O®. Trained by Rossignol, these ski experts will give you advice on how to rent or buy skis according to your level and the type of terrain you intend to ski on.

Have you decided to take your own equipment with you? Have it checked by the Club Med Ski Experts. Skis are maintained, waxed and sharpened on request.

Follow our advice to prepare your ski trip

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