Here is the Thailand tour guide to prepare your first trip!

Would you like to discover Southeast Asia? Thailand is a destination of choice. Between the very exotic local culture, a rich past and the wonders of nature, this country offers many beautiful surprises. There are many activities to do in Thailand!

To The Discovery Of Thailand, An Exceptional Natural Territory

Once called the Kingdom of Siam, Thailand has many faces. This Buddhist country has a lush nature with beaches, mountains and tropical forests. In Thailand you will also find ultra-modern cities like the capital Bangkok, paradise islands like the Phi Phi Islands, more than 30,000 Buddhist temples and even floating markets.

In the north of the country are mountains and in the centre are the great plains with rice paddies. Most of the population lives in this region, near the great Thai river, the Chao Phraya.
Southern Thailand offers very different landscapes, but just as enchanting. The national parks are numerous, and the vegetation is more exotic. It is the perfect place for hiking. On the coast, the beaches are stunning as to be expected and the water turquoise and transparent. In the Phang Nga Bay, you will discover caves and imposing limestone cliffs. You can even meet gibbons, these facetious looking monkeys.

The province of Phuket is very popular with tourists. Families appreciate the change of scenery and the variety of activities including a chance to celebrate the festival and the full moon.

Thailand facts

Population: about 69 million | Area: 513,120 km² | Capital: Bangkok, which has a population of 8.5 million (14 million in the metropolis) | Languages: Thai | Currency: Baht | Religions: Buddhism (almost 94%), Islam and Christianity

Visit Thailand To Discover The Local Culture

The country, known as the land of smiles, is renowned for the warmth of its people. All over the country you will find yourself in the midst of lush nature, opulent royal palaces, ruins from a rich past, Buddhist temples very different from each other and numerous Buddha statues.

Buddhist temples are open to all. However, to enter these holy places, you must take off your shoes and show respect. There are more than 30,000 temples and they are all different - living places where it is possible to gather, but also to learn.
In the province of Phuket, there is no lack of cultural sites. You can visit, among others, Wat Chalong Temple and the Big Buddha.

Did you know?

During the dry season, Thailand offers some of the most beautiful diving spots in Southeast Asia. Visibility during this period is exceptional, especially on the Andaman coast. Other spots such as the Gulf of Thailand allow you to dive all year round, or almost! It is a very popular destination for all lovers of underwater fauna and flora.

Thailand, Land Of Festivities And Flavours

Thailand is full of gastronomic delights. During your stay, you will get to experience local cuisine, and to discover a variety of meat, fish and even vegetable-based dishes. Take the time to discover the local cuisine, which is as delicious as it is generous and will allow you to meet the locals and share a moment with them.

To complete your culinary journey, discover the floating markets. A local custom that must be experienced

In the province of Phuket, don’t miss out on the parties and a chance to dance the night away at a Full Moon Party, or to take part in a fairy night lantern release during the Loy Krathong

Did you know?

For some visits in Thailand, it is preferable to take the boat. This is the case in the south of the country and around the island of Phuket. Indeed, to admire the rocks and the still very wild coastline, it is necessary to go by sea!

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