Here are some ideas of activities for your honeymoon in Mauritius!

Escape to its white sandy beaches bordered by emerald-coloured water, swim with the world's most beautiful marine species and climb the island's wildest peaks in search of breathtaking panoramas.


You're going on your honeymoon to Mauritius? This pearl of the Indian Ocean abounds in natural treasures to the delight of newlyweds looking for a little piece of paradise. Rivière Noire is located in the middle of a wild and paradisiacal nature, between waterfalls and gorges lined with greenery. A most romantic setting for your honeymoon in Mauritius.

For this honeymoon, start with the charming village of Flic-en-Flac, spread out along the coastal road bordering the Indian Ocean. It is also one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a romantic scuba diving session during your honeymoon in Mauritius, in the heart of its translucent waters. Discover marine curiosities such as stonefish, rhinopias, eels and multicoloured corals.

To discover one of the most masterful diving spots during your honeymoon in Mauritius, go to Rempart Serpent, an undulating reptile-like reef 120 metres long and 1 metre high. There you will come across many butterfly fish of many colours!

Extend this unusual experience during your honeymoon in Mauritius at the "Cathedral", one of the most famous dives in Mauritius. You will find a huge cave crossed by a beam of light and punctuated by cavities, cracks and crevices sheltering a particularly rich fauna (lobsters, morays, jacks, catfish...).

Dolphin watching

To conclude this trip in beauty, head to the Black River Bay to enjoy dolphin watching: a must-have for a honeymoon! The most daring will enjoy swimming with these beautiful silvery creatures: an unforgettable memory for the newlyweds.

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One of the highlights of your honeymoon in Mauritius is likely to be Chamarel, a village draped in a land of seven colours ranging from ochre to red, purple and brown.

In the background, the lush jungle and its green monochrome adds a complementary nuance to this incredible palette of colours. An incredible spa has taken on this name as a tribute to this natural wonder that is warmly recommended during your honeymoon in Mauritius.

Indulge in exploring the surrounding area. You will pass through the forest trails of the ebony forest inhabited by many species: swallows, bats and tropical birds will surely be part of the trip. By crossing the raised footbridges, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the forest area.

To make the most of your honeymoon, take the time to contemplate the sublime panorama of the Morne Brabant, an imposing mountain culminating at an altitude of 550 m, and the surrounding bays.

For a restful break, take a moment to rest at the Chamarel waterfall, a dizzying 100-metre-high waterfall. It is rightly considered the most beautiful waterfall in the country. A popular place for newlyweds to honeymoon in Mauritius, surrounded by lush forests.

Did you know?

The seven-coloured earth is the result of a geological curiosity. Its multicoloured hues were created by volcanic rocks cooled to different temperatures, lining the earth with various colours. It is very pleasant to walk between the dunes adorned with this unique robe during your honeymoon.


L'îlot Gabriel is a popular destination for couples on their honeymoon in Mauritius, as the setting is particularly romantic. This protected nature reserve has sheltered white sandy beaches, bordering crystal clear water.

Between coral sand, wild coves and volcanic creeks, you will have the opportunity to discover the magnificent underwater seabed studded with multicoloured corals and exotic fish that make up this open-air aquarium on the edge of the beaches.

In anticipation of your honeymoon in Mauritius, you should also consider exploring the grounds of Gabriel Island with its marked trails. Benches are scattered all along the way to observe the marine panorama in greater detail.

The facilities are minimal on this small piece of land, the place takes on the air of a desert island, much to the delight of couples looking for privacy during their honeymoon in Mauritius. The island and its wonders will undoubtedly leave you with an unforgettable memory of your honeymoon.

Making your honeymoon in Mauritius is the assurance of an idyllic getaway, worthy of the most beautiful postcard shots. Mauritians devote an ode to nature and strive to preserve their paradisiacal landscapes that can be contemplated ad infinitum. To take advantage of an ideal climate, favour the period from May to November, because the sea is relatively warm and the sun is very pleasantly mild.

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