Confirmed sportsman or just curious, you want to try your hand at kitesurfing in Bali?

It is true that it is a renowned destination for this astonishing sport mixing sailing and surfing, which will delight lovers of sensations. So as not to go there at random, discover our selection of the best places to kitesurf in Bali.


Even if it is difficult to predict the weather conditions, there is an optimal season for kiteboarding in Bali. The ideal period is between May and September.

In particular, between June and August is the best time to observe a peak wind blowing between 22 and 30 knots. Note that there are some differences in wind intensity between the east and west coasts. Generally speaking, the western side of the Isle of Gods is windier, with an average of around 15-20 knots.

Apart from the wind, which is still fairly unpredictable, most of the weather conditions on the island of Indonesia are very favourable for sailing. The sea has a stable and comfortable average temperature of 28 degrees. No need for a wetsuit!

Moreover, by leaving between June and August, you will avoid rain and enjoy constant sunshine. In short, anyway if there is really no wind, you can always relax and sunbathe on the beach!


Go kitesurfing in Bali through our resorts!


This is the place to come for kiteboarding in Bali. You will find a lot of kitesurfing schools offering lessons here. These schools all offer crash courses that will allow you to learn the basics and get started safely. You will even be able to get on the water from the first lesson.

You will practice handling your kite, riding your board without getting injured, getting up, etc. In short, Sanur is the spot for beginner kitesurfing!
With its calm sea and low wind, it is a place with unparalleled weather conditions for kitesurfing.

For the more advanced levels, you will find without any problem to rent all your kitesurfing equipment in Sanur if you don't have any. You should know that if Sanur is one of the most popular spots on the island, it is especially a place reserved for beginners. It will perhaps frustrate a little those who already have a good level because of a sometimes light wind.

Good to know : Kite Bali Festival

Proof if any were needed that the island is a mecca for kitesurfing, it even has its own festival in July and August. Amateur or pro, it's also a nice and festive moment (music as a bonus!) to have fun watching the show above the water.


With its black sand beach stretching out on the horizon, Canggu is worth the detour! But that's not all, when it comes to kitesurfing in Bali, it is the most experienced spot. The wind blows stronger than elsewhere on the island of Indonesia. It is even sometimes said that if there is no wind in Bali, there is still wind in Canggu! Apart from the wind, it is of course the waves and rollers that might surprise you. In short, beginner kiteboarders refrain!

There are several interesting sites around Canggu to glide on the water at full speed. Already, the large and clear beach of Berawa is perfect, because you will not encounter any obstacles there. However, it is prone to many waves that could disturb your glide.

Then, you can possibly test the beach of Tugu hotel: it is recommended to the most seasoned who already have a high level. Finally, Seseh beach may be the best option in the area. Quite wide, it allows you to take off well and is not too crowded by steep rocks.

A popular destination for kitesurfing, Bali offers a dream setting for practicing this gliding sport. Canggu or Sanur, which facet of Bali will you choose to indulge in this sensational activity.

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