Here are some activities to enjoy this wonderful honeymoon in Turkey.

By making your honeymoon in Turkey, you will be guaranteed a romantic and extremely diverse getaway. From desert landscapes to superb stretches of white sand, from the thousand-year-old heritage of Istanbul to the urban dynamism of Bodrum, via Antalaya and the sublime turquoise colour of the beaches: your honeymoon in Turkey will be an adventure!


The seaside resort of Antalya is an ideal place to celebrate your wedding on your honeymoon in Turkey. If you wish to leave the hustle and bustle of downtown Antalya during your honeymoon, head to the old town instead. Here you can stroll through its streets built on a rocky spur with a pretty marina below.

During your visit in old Antalya, you will see old Ottoman houses, an old Roman church converted into a mosque, an old hammam, but also the sublime Hadrian's Gate: a must on your honeymoon in Turkey! Observe the details of this triumphal arch built in the effigy of the famous Roman emperor. With its three curved arches, it is considered one of the most beautiful gates in Turkey. Finish this tour with a visit to the countless shops and art galleries: ideal places to bring back memories of your honeymoon!

10 km north of Antalya, take a trip to the Düden Falls, which originate in the Taurus Mountains. Observe these magnificent bodies of water, some 20 metres high and surrounded by nature. Further west, the waterfalls plunge into the crystal-clear sea, offering a sumptuous spectacle that will mark your honeymoon. The opportunity to take countless photos of these superb wedding moments!

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Just an hour's flight from Istanbul, Bodrum is for lovers looking for both a luxury holiday and a more authentic escape during this honeymoon in Turkey. For newlyweds wishing to take advantage of Turkey's festive atmosphere to celebrate their wedding, Bodrum is known for its festivities lasting until dawn. If you feel like it, take the paths along the beach: they will lead you to the heart of the villages of the region, which are home to beautiful traditional houses draped in white and covered with bougainvillea. A few windmills and olive trees will also embellish this escapade. The most adventurous of lovers will prefer to embark on a boat for a romantic stroll to discover the surrounding islands, creeks and caves for an even more unusual scenery. They will also be able to reach the city of Antalaya during a longer escapade in the waters of Turkey.

Due to its advantageous geographical situation, the bay of Bodrum offers magnificent scuba diving sessions in its turquoise water along vast stretches of white sand. With this in mind, head for the beach of Gumbet, popular with diving enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in its warm translucent waters and meet the rich fauna that make up the underwater landscape of a thousand and one colours. Perhaps you will prefer the many water activities offered in Gumbet during this honeymoon in Turkey? Windsurfing, paragliding and water-skiing are among the must-do's.

Did you know?

Nicknamed the 'Turkish Riviera', Antalya was founded by the King of Pergamon in 150 B.C. It was successively coveted and populated by the Romans and the Byzantines before falling into the hands of the Ottoman Empire in the 13th century. Thus, it has been considered a landmark of the eastern Mediterranean since time immemorial.

For a lazy session during your honeymoon, head to the sunny beaches of Bodrum where palm, orange and mandarin trees stand on the pristine sand, perfuming the coastline with their delicious scents.

If you're more in the nature traveller's spirit, head to the beach at Bitez. It is very authentic, full of vegetation and traditional habitats and is much less touristy than the other beaches around.

Golturkbuku beach also deserves your full attention on your honeymoon in Turkey. On its sandy spit are beautiful wooden platforms, nestled in the middle of the vegetation.

Making your honeymoon in Turkey is like visiting a thousand countries in one, as the country is so rich and varied. Whether you are a lazy enthusiast, a seasoned hiker or a history buff, all newlyweds will find something for everyone on this heavenly honeymoon between Istanbul, Hammamet, Antalaya and Bodrum.

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