There are many activities to do as a couple in Bali: Here is our selection!

Living your honeymoon in Bali is a perfect idea to enjoy a honeymoon in one of the most romantic destinations in the world. White sandy beaches and turquoise water, stretches of wild jungle, lush rice paddies, spas...


Do you dream of a relaxing moment with your loved one on your honeymoon? Bali is the ideal destination to offer lovers an escape out of time, in a zen setting. Starting with yoga, one of the most practiced activities in Indonesia, especially during a honeymoon in Bali.

This meditative and very relaxing practice is even more appreciated in a soothing setting, where nature predominates: a must in Indonesia! A real plus if you want to celebrate your honeymoon in Bali in the heart of unspoilt landscapes.

For this honeymoon, Bali has many heavenly beaches with a touch of paradise. One of these is Jimbaran Beach, a sublime expanse of white sand bordering a translucent sea.

On your honeymoon in Bali, sit on its warm floor in front of the shades of blue and practice your yoga session, punctuated by the sound of waves and gently swaying palm trees. During their honeymoon, beginner yogis can also benefit from a healing lesson by a professional instructor introducing travellers to this relaxing practice.

Did you know?

Balinese massage is a mixture of Indian culture, from which it is inspired by Ayurvedic medicine, and Chinese culture, from which it draws its energy medicine. It aims to relax the joints as well as to soothe the mind. It has been used for centuries in the country and aims above all to erase physical and spiritual suffering. However, as Indonesia has more than 17,500 islands, the archipelago has many variations depending on the territory.

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Another solution for newlyweds wishing to enjoy their honeymoon trip to Bali: taste the many benefits of Balinese spas: a must-have during your honeymoon.

Bali offers you the opportunity to discover some of the oldest rituals of Asian culture during your honeymoon, especially through the practice of traditional massages in a spa reflecting the Balinese art of living.

To enhance this experience in Indonesia with a beauty ritual, treat yourself to some body treatments (manicure, pedicure, traditional scrub ...).
Finish this escape with a floral aromatic bath with your spouse: an unforgettable memory during your honeymoon in Bali...


Rice fields are part of the typical Balinese landscapes to visit during your honeymoon in Bali. The town of Ubud in the center of Bali and its surroundings are among the most beautiful spots to spend your honeymoon.

Contemplate these beautiful plants forming sinuous lines in the ground, and sometimes lined up on the mountainside. The perfect opportunity to enjoy enchanting walks during your honeymoon in Bali.

Just a short distance from the city centre, the rice fields are like a river of greenery reflected in the crystal-clear water. You will be able to observe the farmers working in the rice fields, wearing the traditional conical straw hat from Indonesia.

Against the backdrop, coconut trees form a beautiful plant design, an idyllic landscape for a honeymoon in Bali. Continue on to Tegallalang, which is characterized by even wilder vegetation.

Here, tall grasses and ferns portray unruly nature, where rice paddies nestle in the side of the gorges: a heavenly trip. At the end of the day, stay in one of the many villas for an unforgettable Bali honeymoon night.


Strongly marked by vegetation, Bali has many golf courses on its territory, popular with newlyweds during their honeymoon in Indonesia. Among them, Bali National Golf is one of the most beautiful settings to practice this sport during your honeymoon in Bali.

You will thus indulge in golf as a lover in a luxurious universe decorated with vast tropical gardens lined with multicoloured flowers and a beach worthy of the most beautiful photographic shots in Indonesia. The estate extends over an 18-hole course along a long stretch of white sand. It offers you a unique opportunity to play between sumptuous lakes and streams, while being lulled by the songs of tropical birds.

Good to know for your honeymoon in Bali: a ten-minute walk away is a beautifully preserved beach, Geger Beach. It is less crowded than its neighbours and is best known to locals who come to collect seaweed. A real plus if you want to discover Indonesia in a different way.

Bali and honeymoon are undeniably two complementary elements, as the island abounds in romantic and unspoiled places. The Balinese territory lends itself to the sweetness of living to the rhythm of a luxuriant nature and unparalleled luxury. A vast program for your honeymoon in Bali!

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