Why your group holiday should be on the slopes

All-inclusive group ski holidays keep everyone happy, regardless of their skill level.

A group snow holiday covers all bases. A group member doesn’t want to ski? They will be tempted to relax in an exquisite spa or might prefer hiking in the mountains. Everyone will be thrilled by the talents of a Michelin-starred chef. So, start planning!

The essentials

First things first: confirm everyone’s personal non-negotiables early on. This includes budget, star-rating and travel time.

Next, plan your day-to-day – sort of. It is a holiday, so you want to have fun and be spontaneous, but chat to everyone about the activities you’re all interested in and nail set group activities down.

If you want to chill

Some members may choose to just slow down, relax and indulge in a spa spoil with a whole host of treatments. Deep-tissue massages for the slope explorers will help ease up joints. Everyone can experience the tranquillity of some quiet spa time.

A little friendly competition

A ski holiday isn’t an all-out health and fitness retreat, but it’s great to motivate the fitter members of your group to challenge each other and get their heart rate racing while swishing their way down the slopes. Beware – you’ll be using muscles you wouldn’t normally use!

Learn the ropes before you hit the slopes

Whether it’s the first time for kiddies and newbies, or you’re feeling a little rusty on the slopes, make use of the brilliant instructors available at your resort. Booking a session on some dry slopes before you head off as a group can also be a great way to make the planning of a group ski holiday even more fun. Then, kick-start your holiday with a fun group refresher class on the first day before you all go solo on the slopes. Belly laughs are guaranteed, particularly if your group varies in skill levels.

Ready to après-ski?

This is a group ski holiday highlight that needs no introduction. Après-ski requires very little skiing skill but guarantees antics for all. Make unforgettable memories together and claim ‘the holiday song’ that will forever remind you of your time away with friends whenever it’s played.

Perfectly picturesque

With majestic scenery at every turn, there are endless photo opportunities on group ski holidays. Get your friends to snap you as you whizz around and have them share it in the group chat so you can remember every moment. But, the ultimate ski group holiday selfie will be the one to frame (and earning all the Instagram likes), so don’t forget to pack your selfie stick to squeeze in the whole group and all the stunning scenery.
Learn more about the art of capturing the best ski holidays photos.

Food and drinks

What’s better than catching up with your favourite people over great food? Local cuisine and dishes whipped up by world-famous Michelin-starred chefs!

Now you just need to decide which Club Med snow resort to book your all-inclusive ski holiday with. French Alps? Swiss Alps? Italian Alps? Let’s chat and help you plan the group holiday that will set the bar for every other break.

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