A recap of the most beautiful places to dive in Greece.

Greece is a paradise for nature and water sports lovers. Be charmed by the Mediterranean landscapes and gentle way of life. Answer the call of the sea to enjoy a wonderful aquatic experience.


The island of Evia is home to an exceptional underwater archaeological park where divers can admire sunken treasures.

This ancient seaway was once used for trade and linked Greece to Asia. The 19 underwater archaeological sites include 26 ancient and Byzantine wrecks, jewels of history.

Divers and snorkelling enthusiasts can enjoy an unforgettable diving trip. Most of the wrecks are located in the Styrian archipelago. The ancient merchant ship filled with amphoras, ancient pots and anchors is the most impressive of all.

Thermal waters of Loutra Edipsou, the other aquatic pleasure

After the effort, the comfort! Head to northern Evia to enjoy the benefits of the spa resort of Loutra Edipsou. Its sulphurous waters have been renowned since ancient times. Greek philosophers such as Aristotle and Plutarch were already fervent spa enthusiasts at the time and praised its virtues. Another special feature of the city is swimming at the beach of Paralia Loutron: thanks to the hot springs that flow there, you can splash around all year round.


Alonissos is a discreet and unspoilt island belonging to the Sporades and has the largest marine park in Europe. It is the ideal place from which to admire the waters of the Mediterranean, along with its reefs and biodiversity.

Here you will observe endemic and protected species, the monk seal, as well as countless fish and a variety of marine birds.

This spot abounds with several exciting dive sites, both for beginners and more experienced divers, and is the perfect place to enjoy a simple snorkelling session. Start your adventure at the Blue Cave, significant because of its shallow depth and the emergence of the cave above the water.

The more adventurous will be able to explore spectacular drop offs and flush out the many fish hidden in the rocky cracks. When you reach the open sea, you might be lucky enough to spot dolphins!

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The island of Paros is favoured for its excellent visibility, making it an interesting diving destination for beginners with its easy and relaxing tides. Other sites alternate between vertiginous drop-offs and caverns illuminated by the sun's rays. However, it is the diversity of species that makes the place so interesting.

Some sites, such as Triptiti, absolutely needs to be on your to-do list. Begin your underwater exploration by crossing a field of Posidonia which is home to a multitude of colourful fauna. Admire octopus, scorpion fish, lobsters and Tigani – known as the city of sponges.

Another asset of Paros is the opportunity for archaeological dives. Start from the beach at Pyrghaki and discover brightly coloured red mullets, and remains such as amphoras.


Follow these tips before flying to Greece for your diving trip to ensure you have the right equipment and feel comfortable.

Try several different masks and check that it’s well adapted to your face and keep water out. Your neoprene suit should fit snugly to ensure comfort and ease of use.

For the fins you can choose either footwear or adjustable fins. If you have cold extremities, choose an adjustable model with bootie. A weight belt is necessary to compensate for the buoyancy of the wetsuit: hang it around your waist with the weights on the sides.

Diving is a leisure activity for all fitness and skill levels. Diving sites in Greece definitely have everything to please, with caves and caverns rich in marine fauna.

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